Five tools for your crafting arsenal

Yesterday was my 24th birthday and I was spoiled with crafting goodies. I received a set of clamps, a dremel and a jigsaw.


As I collect more and more items for my tool arsenal, I figured I would share which tools I find most useful. So, here are five tools that all do-it-yourselfers should have at their work benches.

No. 1: Hot Glue Gun

This might seem like a silly item, but let’s face it, most crafts call for hot glue — especially the more simple of crafts. If you don’t have a hot glue gun, you are pretty much in the stone age. You can buy a glue gun pretty at any craft store, hardware store or any big box retailer like Target, Walmart, etc. I bet some grocery stores also sell them — and they aren’t expensive at all. You can buy a glue gun and refill sticks for under $15.

No. 2: Staple Gun

While I am dying to get my hands on a nail gun, my staple gun has done the trick for me so far. Staple guns cost about $20 and can be purchased at hardware stores or other stores with hardware sections. They are really versatile tools because you can load them with staples of varying length depending on the project. And, they are super lightweight and easy to use. I use mine all the time for upholstery projects (although the husband put it away and now I can’t find it!). you’ve gotta get your hands on one of these if you don’t already have one.

No. 3: Sander

If you ever plan on refinishing an old piece of furniture, you are going to need a sander. I just got my sander as a Christmas gift and I’ve already used it several times. Make sure you buy different grits of sandpaper — the rougher the paper, the more and quicker you’ll be able to sand down your project. Start with a rough paper, then work your way to a softer paper for a smooth finish before you paint or stain.

No. 4: Dremel

So obviously I just got my dremel yesterday and have yet to experience its wonders for myself, but I can already tell this is a tool I am going to love. The dremel has 25 accessories, including pieces to grind, sand, cut, carve, engrave, and polish — I cannot wait to try it out! I’ll be honest and admit I’m not quite sure where to start, but I will keep you updated!

No. 5: Pliers of all shapes, functions and sizes

Pliers are so freaking useful! They grab onto things our fingers can’t grasp, the cut wire, the fit into tiny places… they are awesomely useful. I’ve probably got about 10 different kinds of pliers in my tool kit — some flat, some pointed, some with a cutting edge, some with grips. They are incredibly useful for jewelry making and come in handy for a lot of other crafts. And, best of all, they are super cheap. You can buy pliers at the dollar store, craft stores, hardware stores, etc. If you don’t have pliers (and that is just crazy), what are you waiting for!?

What tools do you use most often? I’m always down for suggestions of tools to try out!


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