Light blue and pink nursery


My blog posts over the past year have been very sporadic, partially due to grad school and partially because we were getting ready to have a baby!


Our daughter was born at the end of December. She’s pretty stinkin’ cute and I am so in love with her. Here are a few photos of her nursery, which I was working on pretty much until she got here (OK, maybe a little bit after she was here, too!).


I painted the nursery blue even before I found out we were having a girl, which won’t surprise anyone who knows me and my love of all things teal, mint, aqua and blue. We didn’t want a theme, so instead, we filled it with treasures from our childhood and things that make us happy, like flamingos, golden retrievers, the movie Up, Maryland… and lots of books. I might be addicted to children’s books.


Little by little, the furniture made its way into the room and then the decorations went up on the walls. I am so freakin’ indecisive, so it’s a good thing this baby took 41 weeks to arrive so I could have a little extra time to make some decisions about what to hang where.


I absolutely love her room. We spend a heck of a lot of time in there, so I’m glad I took my time and made it a special place for her. One of my favorite things was this mobile that I made. It was A LOT of work, but I adore it. She’s just starting to notice it above her crib, so that’s exciting for me.


Here are some of the cute and custom things in her room:

  1. Flamingo watercolor
  2. Wooden Name Sign
  3. Elephant Print
  4. Deer Print

The furniture is a mix from Amazon (crib and side table), Target (bookshelf and circular shelf), Buy Buy Baby (glider) and a thrift store (dresser).

OK, now back to cuddling my sweet little girl!




2 thoughts on “Light blue and pink nursery”

  1. Why are you majoring in graphic design? You should be majoring in INTERIOR design–imho! Becky

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