One Crafty Dog

Meet Remmy.

{A Smith of All Trades} Remmy and his bow tie19

Remmy is our golden retriever and practically my favorite thing on this planet. He is almost 8 years old, but still every bit a puppy. Rem enjoys long walks to wherever, swimming in the river and riding in cars. His perfect date would be snuggling on the couch with his people and maybe chasing another dog and jumping really high in the air. He also thoroughly enjoys being tortured by our baby.

Remmy (aka Doog Doogleson, if we don’t want him to know we are talking about him) is my shadow. He follows me everywhere I go and wants to partake in everything I do. Everything. From cooking dinner, to hugging Brian, to sitting on the couch, to crafting — Remmy is there and ready for action.

Enjoy some photos of Rem sticking his nose into my projects, and some photos that are just too cute not to share.


4 thoughts on “One Crafty Dog”

  1. I loveeeee your Remmy ! My Granddaughter also has a golden retriever and he is so funny ! His name is Rascal and it fits him perfectly !! I hope Remmys ear infection is gone now. Rascal gets into more stuff and apparently loves to try to catch snakes ! He has gotten bit twice ! Poor baby, he is a country dog ! Keep posting on Remmy, we love it

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