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Felt flower

I cleaned the heck out of my craft room last night, thank goodness. It looks so much better now, but I did manage to distract myself with a quick project. Then I got back to cleaning! Phew.

As I was putting stuff away, I found a pretty sheet of navy felt that I wanted to use to make a felt flower. So I took a break from tidying, grabbed my glue gun, some scissors and a coaster, and set out to craft.

I started my quick flower project with a small, round, cardboard coaster and many, many, many flower petals cut out of the felt.

To make the flower, I put hot glue onto the edge of the coaster, then placed a felt petal on top of the glue. I let it sit for a second or two so the glue would cool a bit, then I pinched the petal to create a crease in each one.

I did this until I got around the entire edge of the coaster.

With the edge covered in petals, I started filling in the middle with petals. I did another full circle of petals, then four to fill in the center.

I put a glob of glue in the middle of the flower, then placed an awesome, old button in the middle. Not sure exactly what I’m going to do with it, but I think this flower would be super pretty on a wreath.


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Twig Wreath

So I’ve already admitted my new addiction to making wreaths, but today I’m going to show you how to make an inexpensive wreath — really! The only thing you absolutely need to buy is a single bunch of flowers from any craft store. I’d say this one cost me about $10. All of my other supplies were lying around the house or the yard — yes, the yard.

To start on my wreath, I found a cardboard box for the base. Using a bucket from Home Depot, I traced a circle onto the cardboard and then cut it out using a box cutter.

Then Remmy and I wandered the yard collecting small twigs for our wreath. We filled the bucket and headed back instead to start gluing our sticks to our wreath.

When the whole piece of cardboard was covered in twigs, I flipped the wreath over and reinforced the cardboard circle with small strips of cardboard. Then it was time to add flowers.

Before I was able to add any flowers, the hubby came down to my crafting area and asked me what the heck I was doing. He suggested I toss my twig wreath, and at first I thought I should. It was a rather odd-looking wreath before I added any bling.

Using the leftover flowers and tulle from my Ravens Wreath, I started adding things to the twigs. First, I pulled off all of the fake leaves from the remaining purple flowers I had purchased for about $5 for the bunch. I had enough leaves to cover the entire inner circle of the wreath, effectively covering all of the glue marks on the twigs and cardboard. Score!

As I glued, Remmy supervised. “Yes, Mom. That leaf looks great right there!”

Once my leaves were secure, I added little white buds around the edge of the wreath.

I really like these little flowers and they came in a huge bunch, so I had a lot left over from the Ravens Wreath. Perfecto.

With the background flowers in place, I started adding the larger purple flowers to the wreath. On my first purple flower I also added my last bit of black flowers, a little bit of black tulle, and a thick black ribbon to hang the wreath.

The tulle was a lucky addition for this wreath, but I really liked how it looked. So, with each extra purple flower (five in total) I added, I made sure to tuck some black tulle underneath. It provided a really great texture to the wreath.

The final two touches to the wreath were these little crystals that I picked up from Hobby Lobby for $1.47 a pack and a black bow to match the wreath hanger.

I let the glue dry, then hung my beautiful twig wreath on my craft room door. Take that, hubs. That is one pretty twig wreath ūüôā

No worries, after seeing the whole ting completed, the hubs said he did like the wreath after all. Ye of little faith!

So with a bunch of leftover supplies and a little bit of hunting through my yard, I was able to make this beautiful wreath!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy football season!

Craft Projects

Tulle Wreath

This next project was inspired by the wreath¬†my step mom made me (which was apparently inspired from Pinterest). Jill made her wreath out of fabric scraps, but I wanted to try making one out of tulle. I picked up some tulle¬†a ¬†little while back from JoAnn’s, so I set out to make my version of the fabric wreath.


  • Tulle
  • Ribbon
  • Button
  • Wooden, circle frame (for needlepoint)
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

First, I separated the wooden loom into two different circle sections. I only used the inner part for this project.

I applied a glob of hot glue on the ring and started wrapping a light blue ribbon around the wooden frame.

I chose the blue ribbon because 1) I love blue, and 2) I wanted it to show through the tulle. I didn’t use the hot glue all around the frame, just in random points to secure the ribbon along the way. As I got to the end, I secured the tail of the ribbon with glue and waited for it to dry. I also tied a long piece of ribbon to the frame to make the ribbon easier to hang.

With the frame completely wrapped, I started adding the tulle. First I had to cut the tulle into strips. You can do any length or width, but the wider the strips, the faster this next step will go (It took me about and hour and a half to tie on all of the tulle).

Start knotting the tulle around the edge of the frame. I kept all of the knots on one side of the frame so the front of my wreath would look smooth.

Keep knotting until you make it all of the way around!

Almost there… well, sort of.

I thought I took a photo of all of the tulle… but apparently I didn’t. Anyway, picture the wreath all covered in tulle. Missing something, right?

I thought so. So, I created a blue flower out of the same ribbon I used to wrap the frame. To do this, I folded the ribbon again and again, spreading it around until it created a circle. I then stitched the center of the ribbon to get this shape.

I sewed a button onto the middle of the ribbon flower and I also added four strips of tulle and white ribbon to the back for a little extra pizzazz. Then, I glued the flower to one side of the wreath.

I love it! It is so fluffy I’m gonna die. IT’S JUST SO FLUFFY!¬†(Despicable Me, anyone?)

Here it is hanging on my front door! I’m sure the hubby loves how girly our door just became.