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Chandelier bracelet

Remember this hot mess of chandelier crystals from earlier in the week? Well, I tackled another project with them that was easy as pie.

We’ll call this one a chandelier tennis bracelet, cause lord knows it will be decades until we have money to afford a real one of those ;p Also, I’d probably stain furniture or paint a room or something else super messy  in a real tennis bracelet… and that would just end so badly.

Anyway, I took apart a chain of the chandelier and removed the excess crystals so it would fit around my wrist. Then, I scrubbed the heck out of them so they wouldn’t be gnarly anymore.

With the crystals clear and trimmed down to size, I pulled out my pliers and added a toggle clasp.

Uh yeah, that was it! So easy, huh?

Who knew an old chandelier could make such a pretty bracelet!?

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