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We survived Sandy

So we survived the storm, phew! Looks like Maryland didn’t get hit as hard as expected. I’m stunned by the photos of New York and New Jersey and hope everyone stays safe up there.

My Dad lost a big tree in his front yard that luckily didn’t fall on his house. We don’t have power, but there’s no real damage to our house — we’ll live!


All of the rest of my family is safe, to my knowledge. Thank goodness! I did manage to make a bunch of jewelry yesterday before it got too dark outside. I pulled our sofa up to our bay window and a nice little work station. Check it out… I strung black chain along with the beads! And it is aqua. Love it.




*crossing our fingers for power back soon and thanking our lucky stars that our house was unscathed*

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Chandelier bracelet

Remember this hot mess of chandelier crystals from earlier in the week? Well, I tackled another project with them that was easy as pie.

We’ll call this one a chandelier tennis bracelet, cause lord knows it will be decades until we have money to afford a real one of those ;p Also, I’d probably stain furniture or paint a room or something else super messy ┬áin a real tennis bracelet… and that would just end so badly.

Anyway, I took apart a chain of the chandelier and removed the excess crystals so it would fit around my wrist. Then, I scrubbed the heck out of them so they wouldn’t be gnarly anymore.

With the crystals clear and trimmed down to size, I pulled out my pliers and added a toggle clasp.

Uh yeah, that was it! So easy, huh?

Who knew an old chandelier could make such a pretty bracelet!?