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Wine bottle crafts

I had a couple of girlfriends over this past weekend for a craft night extravaganza. We had a blast catching up and making a few projects along the way.

The theme was wine night and we tackled a bunch of cool bottle projects. Some of them worked… others, well, they failed.

Let’s talk about my failure first. I tried to etch a wine bottle using etching cream. First, I put a bunch of rubber bands on the bottle in a fun pattern, then I layered on the etching cream.

Mmmm… etching cream.

So technically this worked, just not well. the etching appeared really lightly and barely showed up in the photo I took. It was also a little uneven. Next time I try this, I plan on using thinner glass. I’d imagine it would work a lot better.


My friend Amy made two super cool bottles. On the first (right), she used puff paint to draw a picture onto her bottle. Then she painted the bottle so the picture looked like it was a part of the glass. On the top, she used hot glue and twine to wrap the neck of the bottle

On the second (center), she did an hombre pattern using three shades of bluish green. Once the paint dried (she did several coats of each), she tied a sailor’s not around to top. Super cute.

Carrie did a trio of bottles for her house. She painted the outside of the bottles with three different shades of paint. Then she hot glued twine at different heights on each bottle. Her trio looks amazing. I’m totally jealous!

Once I failed miserably at my first wine bottle project, I moved onto a few others.

I had a beautiful bottle that had raised text on the glass. For this bottle, I painted a nice shade of blue (two coats), leaving the spout unpainted.

On my second bottle, I tried out chalkboard paint for the first time. I painted a large circle onto the bottle (three coats) and then accented the edges with a golden puff paint. The only flaw in this plan was my lack of chalk! Who would have thought you should have chalk to write on your chalkboard paint. Answer: everyone but me.

My last bottle was my favorite. It was the only clear bottle in the bunch, so I simply poured paint into the bottle and then swirled it around until the entire inside was covered. It looks beautiful and resembles milk glass.

My trio of bottles is sitting on a wine barrel right by our bar!

Oh la la! Me likey.


15 thoughts on “Wine bottle crafts”

    1. Hi Laura — thanks 🙂 I used chalk board paint for one, and for the other two I used a Behr paint I used on my walls. I would actually NOT recommend that. I am working on a new bottle project and I’m going to try glass paint. I think it will stick a little easier and won’t crack away. I didn’t have problems with mine cracking, but my friend had a problem with her bottle.

      Hope that helps!

  1. I know it’s been a long while since you posted this, but I do have an etching cream tip. If you lay it on thick it will do a far better job. It really is only etching when it’s wet and a thicker layer will insure a pretty sharp edge. Thanks for the tips BTW!

  2. Jessica, did you try the etching again on the bottles? If so how did it come out ? Where do you get etching cream?

  3. Thanks for all the great looking wine bottles! you and your friends did a great job. (on the top comments you put that your friends paint died instead of

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