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Everybody at our house getting tipsy

One of my coworkers was asking me the other day how our house was coming along and I told him it was wonderful. Our house is almost all painted, things are mostly put away and our family room renovation is pretty much finished, minus our bar.

So then he asked a logical question: Are you guys big party people since you a getting a bar?

I laughed and answered: No, not at all.

I explained to him that when we took out the fourth bedroom, we also removed a huge closet. It created the perfect space for a bar. So even though we aren’t the biggest party people on the planet, it seemed like the best use of the space. That was my logic anyway.

We bought pendant lights for the bar yesterday, knowing that the bar was scheduled to be delivered in the afternoon. Home Depot has a cool feature online where you can order and pay for your items online, then go pick them up in the store a few hours later after a sales associate gathers your items together. It’s a great way to know if something is in stock before trek over there. That’s what we decided to do, so we ordered our two lights online and the hubby went to pick them up.

We chose these pretty lights:

They aren’t gray like the picture shows, but a pretty clear glass with little bubbles in it. They were pretty inexpensive as far as lighting goes, coming in at about $70 per light. A big thank you to my mom and my godmother who gave use Home Depot gift cards as house-warming/Easter gifts. They were super handy in purchasing these lights!

Anyway, Brian got home from Home Depot and immediately got to installing the lights.

Of course as soon as he starts the bar arrived. To save money, we ordered a bar we had to assemble ourselves. So after hanging up the lights, the hubby spent a good part of the day assembling the bar while I laid on the couch (I’ve been feeling like crapola this week, so I offered words of encouragement and occasionally was an extra set of hands.)

Isn’t it charming!? I think it fits perfect where the old closet used to be. It’s way cooler, too. (As soon as it was finished I had to play “Tipsy” by J-Kwon.)

Naturally, we had to go to the liquor store to stock our new bar, followed by a trip to Costco to buy a mini fridge. We bought 8 bottles of wine and lots of beer for the fridge. Then we picked up a mini fridge that fits perfectly in the cutout behind the bar.

You can also see all of our glassware fits behind the bar, which gave us an entire shelf back in our storage room Sweet.

Now we just need a set of bar stools and our family room is done done done!

And just for grins, here’s a picture of Remmy in the refrigerator box.


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