Reveal: Dresser Refab

Part 1: Dresser Refab

Part 2: Dresser Refab

My dresser project is finally complete, teal knobs and all! I’ve had this hand-me-down dresser for as long as I can remember — it was definitely time for the update. If you haven’t been following the transformation, check out the links above for the back story on the dresser and the steps I’d taken to refinish it up until now.

Remember before?

I finished the staining over the weekend and put the knobs on yesterday. The knobs were a little long, so I cut off the ends of the screw (on the inside of the drawer) with a hacksaw.

(Look how shiny!)

With the knobs cut down to size, I can finally have my dresser back!

Isn’t it lovely!? I like that some of the old coloring stuck with the piece — it has an old look to it, even with its facelift.

And check out these gorgeous knobs!!!! Gotta love Hobby Lobby (or as I call it “Happy Hobby Lobby World Land”).

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