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Ribbon bracelet & necklace

DIY Ribbon Bracelet

I need to start making jewelry again. It’s so fun.

Last night I tackled making a ribbon and bead necklace using invisible thread and a few teal ribbons I had in my craft room.

ribbon necklace 1

This craft is fairly easy, although keeping the beads tightly strung as you make the necklace can be a little tricky at times.

To start this project, I knotted some invisible thread onto the ribbon. I left a long piece of ribbon off to the side so I could have something to tie the necklace together with when it was complete.

Ribbon Necklace2

Then, I started to thread the beads. One bead, then a stitch through the ribbon. Bead. Ribbon. Bead. Ribbon.

ribbon necklace 3

… Bead. Ribbon…. you get the idea.

When I had the necklace as long as I wanted it, I tied the invisible thread in a few knots to secure the beads onto the ribbon. I also knotted where the ribbon meets the beads on each end. Just a personal preference.

ribbon necklace 4

Lastly, I cut the ribbon ends at angles and added Fray Check to keep the ends from splitting.

ribbon necklace 5

Once the ends were dry, it was time to try them on.

The bracelet….

ribbon bracelet 6

… and the necklace.

Me ribbon necklace

They both turned out pretty darn cute. I’m gonna have to find some other colors of ribbon!

ribbon necklace pic


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