Home Improvement

Who knew a mailbox could be so exciting?

We knew from day one that we needed a new mailbox. The mailbox that came with the house what not so hot. In fact, it was downright awful. The lid didn’t close all of the way. There was nasty tape stuck all over it. The whole thing was slanting to the side, only to be held up by some mangled-up wire. It was just bad news bears.

On Tuesday I finally bought a new mailbox for the house. Finally. Coincidentally, it was that same day that our mail lady, Pat, came to the door to deliver a package that wouldn’t fit in our old mailbox. I promised her that we would soon be replacing our troublesome mailbox.

Bye-bye, old mailbox.

We put the old mailbox out with the garbage yesterday morning! I wasn’t too sad to see if go.

Instead of a metal post, I purchased a cedar post for our new box. And, our fancy new mailbox has a magnetic closing apparatus instead of one that latches. It’s lovely. Pat will be so happy that she no longer has to pry open our mailbox or slam it shut.

Hello, new mailbox!

It’s the little things, but it’s really nice to check this off of our list.

I think the post needs a set of house numbers, but other than that it looks way better. And it works better, too. I no longer have to worry about being a nuisance to our mail lady!

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