Crate table… finally

Remember this crate I bought 50,000 years ago? OK, it was really only 2.5 years ago. But that seems long enough to finish a project, amiright?

{A Smith of All Trades} Sweet wooden crate from Super Flea

I knew I wanted to do something awesome with this crate I found at a flea market in upstate New York, so I bought some hairpin legs and got to work. But my project stalled for, well, 2.5 years — I couldn’t figure out a top for the darn thing! I thought of glass. I tried a cabinet door and a tray. Nothing seemed right.

We were using the crate table as an end table for a while with the cabinet door sitting on top when my sister moved and offered us her end table. Hers was finished, mine was not. It was a no brainer. So I moved my crate table, cabinet door and all, into our basement bathroom. It had an awkward space that needed something, and I was hoping this could be it.

I really liked the way it looked, minus the door, so when we started getting snowed in last weekend and an idea popped into my head I jumped on it.

Here was the plan: I would create brackets within the crate and set a table top inside of it! Brilliant!

So, I screwed cabinet shelf spacers/brackets into the crate so I could slip a table top inside.


They aren’t really supposed to go that way — you are supposed to drill holes into the cabinets then screw the brackets into each shelf — but it worked for this project so who cares!

Next up, I took scrap wood and started crafting the table top.


Before, I was hellbent on having a top that extended over the edges. As an end table, it made a lot of sense. I need a place for coasters and cups, remotes, phones, books — really any crap I need to set on the table while we watch TV and live in our faily room. But in the bathroom, I just needed something pretty with a little storage.

So I started to make a top that would rest inside the crate on the brackets. I measured three pieces of scrap wood, then trimmed them down to fit inside the crate. Once I got everything squared up, I used a nail gun the nail each board onto a board underneath.

Here’s the top:


And the support underneath:


The crate is old. Old old old. So I wanted to ding up the top a bit to match. Then, I aded droplets of black stain, and even drew black blotches with my calligraphy pen to date the top a bit more.

Then, I stained the top using a mixture of ebony and walnut Minwax stain. I have no idea what type of wood this is since I purchased it so long ago, but dang — that grain is prettyyyyy!


Once the top was dry, I dropped it in to see how it looked.


… and it looks great! The crate is super cool and it looks awesome in my bathroom.


The top easily lifts off by sticking your hands through the handles of the crate, so it is the perfect little storage piece.


Also, can we talk about the hairpin legs? I started this project so long ago I can’t find the pictures of the installation, but it was very easy. Simply screw it into the base of the crate, and voila! I didn’t seal them either, so they look worn, just like the metal on the crate.

On the whole, I love this project. It might have taken me wayyyy too long to finish it, but I am mighty happy with how it turned out.

If you find an old crate — or heck, even a new crate from Michaels — this is a great way to make a storage piece for your home.


The Blizzard of 2016


The East Coast got SLAMMED with a blizzard this past weekend and Brian, Remmy and I LOVED IT. Yes, we love snow. Maybe a little too much. Blizzard, oh heck yes — bring it on!

We were prepared. We set up our tape measure, ran to the store for a few essentials and hunkered down.


One of our favorite things to do in a blizzard is to go out and walk through the snow as it is coming down. We took the pup out on Saturday to see the state of the roads and how much snow we’d gotten — it was an adventure. We walked maybe 1/4 mile total, and it was exhausting!


The roads = terrible! And the snow banks were crazy.

Brian was able to stand on the snow and poke his head over the safety fence overlooking the highway. It was incredible.


The highway was crazy, and our neighborhood was crazy. IT WAS CRAZY.


We even snuck down onto the highway since no one was on it.


How often can you stand in the middle of a busy road with not a soul in sight? Crazy and oddly peaceful.

All in all, we got about 2 feet of snow, three days off work, one craft completed and one project underway! That was a productive weekend.

Snow bunnies

Brian and I have enjoyed being snow bunnies and Remmy has enjoyed rocketing through the snow at breakneck speeds. The shoveling was rough (especially when your shovel breaks), but hey, good exercise! The roads are still a little rocky, but that’s to be expected when a blizzard hits a region that some winters doesn’t get any snow at all. Fingers crossed and pajamas on backward that we get at least one more good snow this winter!

Did you have fun during the East Coast Blizzard of 2016?


My best friend got married!

My best friend tied the knot last weekend in a lovely ceremony surrounded by family and friends. She looked absolutely phenomenal in her dress, which she found at a wedding dress consignment shop. Her aunt bejeweled her sash and veil, and Dana donned a warm, faux-fur shawl to complete her flawless winter look.

I was busy all day during her wedding, so my photos are not good at all. In fact, these photos aren’t even mine. (Thanks, Sara and Jenny!) Maids of Honor have no time for photos, sheesh!


Dana and Phillip got married in a beautiful chapel, then had their reception at the Savage Mill’s Great Room.


The room was still decorated for the holidays, with gold stars and metallic ball ornaments hanging from the ceiling. The bridal party got together the Thursday before the wedding to do the bouquets and centerpieces, which were made of baby’s breath and mason jars.


It was a wonderful day celebrating Dana and Phillip’s love. I couldn’t be happier for my best friend and her hubby.