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Last night my dad, step mom, brother, sister and I saw Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia on his Wrecking Ball┬átour. He puts on a fantastic show! My dad and brother had general admission tickets and were in the group of 500 people selected to go into the pit (the area surrounding the stage) — lucky them! Elliott even got to touch The Boss as he crowd surfed!

Bruce played about 25 songs, including some of my favorites: American Skin, Thunder Road, Born to Run, Land of Hope and Dreams, The Rising…. I could go on and on. We had a really good time.

I treated myself to a sweet Springsteen hoodie. It’s my new favorite article of clothing, fo sho. I was pretty excited this morning when the high temperature for West Chester, Pa. was only 56 because it meant I could wear my new hoodie all day. I know, I’m a total dork.

The most exciting news I have to share is that Glen and the hubby are laying our floors right now! They are 65 percent done right now, and I bet they come pretty darn close to finishing up the floors tonight. They look AHMAZING. Oh, and our granite hearth is down, too. So pumped.