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DIY GIFT GUIDE: Ribbon-Wrapped Cork Letters

Ribbon Wrapped Cork Letters

This summer I scored A TON of free wine corks for a winery in Hamburg, New York. Talk about a sweet score, huh? I saw all of the corks in a bucket and asked what they did with them. The woman working told me they threw them away! CRAZY! So I scooped up hundreds of corks to take home and am nowhere close to using them all.

When we were at the winery, my cousin asked me to make her daughter a wine cork letter for her room, so I did a variation of my wine cork “S” post.


  • Wine corks
  • Small wooden letter
  • Ribbon
  • Button
  • Tack
  • Hot glue


  1. Space out the corks on the wooden letter.Cork E before
  2. Hot glue the corks straight to the wood.
  3. When the corks are all secure, place a glob of glue at the bottom of the letter to secure the ribbon.
  4. Place glue along the center of the corks, securing the ribbon as you go.
  5. When the ribbon is wrapped all the way around, fold the end under and secure with glue.
  6. Tie a bow out of the ribbon and pin it to the cork using a tack.
  7. Embellish bow with a button.

Cork E

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Ribbon Ornaments

I’ve been really into making ornaments for our tree lately, and here is one inspired by le pinterest.

I saw an ornament on pinterest that was a Christmas tree made out of ribbon. I ran out of green ribbon after making labels for my applesauce, so my first attempt to make the tree failed miserably because the ribbon was too short. So instead, I made a flouncy ornament out of white ribbon that is pretty just the same.

To start your ornament, find a charm or a bead that you can hand from the end and secure it to a thin piece of wire. You don’t want a wire that is too thick or it will be touch to get it to pass through the ribbon.


Once you have your bottom charm secured, fold your ribbon into a point and pierce it with the wire. Immediately place a bead onto the wire to hold the ribbon down.


Then, in alternating lengths, fold the ribbon and pierce through the middle of the fold. Do this a couple of times, and then add a bead.


Continue until you have a shape you are fond of. If you use green ribbon, you might want to start big on the bottom and get small as you work your way up.

I started with smaller folds, then allowed my folds to get larger in the middle, then small at the top again. I really like the shape it created.

When you are finished with your ornament, fold the ribbon again (so it wont fray) into a point and piece it through the wire on last time. Then make a loop with the wire and wrap it around the base of the loop to tie the whole thing off.

Thread a ribbon or string through your looped wire, and your ornament is ready for the tree.


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A wreath for us

I showed you on Saturday¬†how to make a wreath using fake flowers and a grapevine base — I had a few flowers left over, so I decided to create a wreath for our front door!

I had a wire form that I picked up from Michaels, but not enough flowers to go all of the way around it.

To cover the rest of the wreath form, I chose to wrap it in twine. To do so, I knotted the twine and started going around the edge of the wreath. It took about 30 minutes and an entire spool of twine, but I really like the look of it.

By the time I made it close to the end of the wreath, I realized I wouldn’t have enough twine to wrap the whole thing. That didn’t matter though, because I was planning on filling that void with the faux flowers.

So, I knotted the end of the twine and started to add the flowers.

Since all of the flowers are on wire, I was able to bend the “stems” around the wires of the exposed wreath form. Once all of the flowers were placed, I took floral wire and secured the flowers even more to the form.

It’s not pretty, but no one will ever see the back, so who cares!?

I embellished with a few leaves, adding them to the wreath with hot glue at each end of the flowers. And with that, my wreath was finished. It only took about an hour — not too bad!