Graphic Design

Love love love

I have a friend who always says, “I love love.” This made me think of her. I made one square of love (each letter is inside the previous one), then grouped it together and rotated it to make this piece. It’s pretty stinking cute.

Sorry that all you get today is a printable… work has been crazy (We are almost finished writing copy for our alumni magazine! Whew!) and I’ve stayed late several days this week. And now that it is dark so early I have such a hard time wanting to do anything but cuddle up with my hubby and dog and watch TV. Oh well. Tomorrow is a craft fair, then Sunday is my man’s birthday. It will be pretty low key, but hopefully a good one nonetheless.


Graphic Design


It’s not often that I post about work stuff, but my coworker and I recently created a lot of fun swag for our newest cohort of full-time MBA students. The giveaways are so cute and designed by yours truly, so I just had to share 🙂

John and I created four different T-shirts (purple, green, red and blue), a sweet backpack, and slinky post-it notes! It was so fun designing all of the swag — I hope our MBAs love it all as much as we do.

It’s so awesome to get to be creative at work. Makes me love my job 🙂


I love New York

I love New York. It’s one of my favorite states to visit. I’m having a great visit with the family. Lots of swimming, drinking and relaxing. Tomorrow is my cousin’s graduation party. Should be a ton of fun! Also, so many Marylanders are out of power because of a nasty storm. It’s great to have power! Hopefully power is restored back home super soon.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!