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Indoor Window Box

IT’S APRIL FOOLS! No jokes in today’s blog posts (promise!), but big jokes at work today. I had the pleasure of creating an April Fools poster and web story to hopefully give our students a chuckle or two. We had such a fun time brainstorming ideas and I was tickled to design and write a joke-riddled poster and story. It’s not often we get to be super funny at the business school, so this was quite the treat for me.

Do you play any pranks on April Fools? When I was younger I remember my dad calling me to tell me he had just seen an elephant run by his office at work. I totally bought it! A few years ago, my officemate (now one of my best friends and a great craft night buddy) decided to tape the receiver of my phone down. I’m dense and couldn’t figure out why my phone wouldn’t answer when people called me. She had to tell me because one of our colleagues kept calling and I kept accidentally hanging up on her. Whoops. I am very easy to prank.

So who knows how many times I will publicly demonstrate my gullibility today. Too many for sure.

Anywho, I had some fabulous thrift store luck recently that enabled me to do a quirky floral project for my bay window. We’ll call it an indoor window box.

Window Box

I have been holding onto this teak box for a while, wanting to do a floral project with it. I couldn’t decide what to do though. I thought of doing glass jars with flowers, but mason jars were too wide. So I prowled thrift stores and found a bunch of pretty white vases to fill the box.

The funny thing was the vases I found were all from different thrift stores. They must be a standard florist vase because of how common they are:


You can see one is more opaque than the others. Meh, perfection is overrated.

The vases fit perfectly in my indoor window box, so I happily skipped off to Michaels with a birthday gift card from my god momma to buy paper flowers for the project.

I came away with these beauties:

Paper Flowers

All that was left to do was put all of the items together. Not that hard, huh?

Indoor Window Box_1

I think if I stumble upon one more vase I’ll snatch it up and add it to the box. There’s definitely room for one more. Couldn’t hurt, right?

Indoor Window Box_2

My indoor window box looks really great in the bay window. It fills the space nicely without blocking the view. Plus, I am really digging the pink, wood and white combo! Looks pretty sweet with the gray and mint combo I’ve got going on in the living room.

Happy April Fools! … do people say that?


Breaking and entering

I couldn’t resist sharing this funny story with you all. Last week I got a call from my hubby while I’m at work — he called to tell me he got locked out of our bedroom. He blamed the dogs, but I think it was my fault. Oops.

When I got home I tried to unlock the door using one of my many keys, but none of them opened the door. You see, our bedroom has an actual lock on it, not a privacy lock. We’re really not sure why, and we should probably switch out knobs so this doesn’t happen again. But anyway, we were locked out.

I thought for sure I had the key to our deck door on my key ring, so I wasn’t too worried. But we tried every key in both locks, and neither budged.


Then we realized our second story bedroom window was open! You see where I’m going with this, right?

We walked to our neighbors house and asked to borrow their ladder, then trekked back over to the side of our house and set up shop for our own mini heist. OK, it wasn’t a heist, but it did feel sort of bad ass to break into the second story of our house!

Brian did the breaking and entering because I don’t do heights. Also, I think I was in a dress or skirt and that wouldn’t be pretty haha.


Any other bloggers out there? I bet your husbands LOVE when you make them stop and smile in the middle of something so you can add that picture to your blog. At least Brian’s a good sport 🙂


We’re in!


Like I said, too funny not to share.

Home Improvement

Front Door Reveal

Ever embark on a project with the thought, “Hey, this is gonna be easyyyyyy”?

Some projects are in fact super easy, but I should have known better when we started our front door and car port door project that it wasn’t going to be easy at all. You see, our house is super crooked. SUPER CROOKED. So the installation itself was a pain. Then there was the painting. It seems painting a door should only day a few hours, right? HA! I would have been so lucky.

Any way, buckle your seat belts because the transformation is definitely worth the wait.

Remember our old door? Well, probably not. It was old, ugly and way boring.

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Red

In an attempt to plan for our new front doors, I painted the ugly red doors a pretty mint green.

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Mint

Too bad my husband hated it. I mean HATED.

So I reached out to you all on Facebook for color suggestions, and my cousin-in-law responded suggesting teal! About the same time she responded I Was flipping through Lowe’s doors photo gallery where I stumbled upon a teal door on a white house and totally fell in love.

We ordered our doors and picked them up a few weeks later, protecting them from our dog with ou kitchen table chairs. Shockingly, succesful, actually.

{A Smith of All Trades} New Doors1

We were waiting for my step dad to come help us install our doors (read: install our doors graciously while we attempted to help as much as possible). 

John came over early one morning and we got started immediately demolishing our car port door.

{A Smith of All Trades} Car Port Door Inside Before

Buh bye!

{A Smith of All Trades} Car Port Door Before

The door came off pretty easily, followed by the time and the frame.

{A Smith of All Trades} Car Port Door No Molding

{A Smith of All Trades} Car Port Door No Door

Within an hour we had done all of the demo on the door. … or so we thought. Like I said earlier, our house is super crooked. As we got to the installation portion of our project (which I will in no means give you any instructions on! Holy cow it was a process), John realized the molding attached to our pre-hung door wouldn’t fit in the existing space in our car port.

Enter the reciprocating saw.

{A Smith of All Trades} No Car Port Door

So he literally cut out pieces of our house until the door fit. He also had to trim the brick molding on the door frame down a lot (thanks for letting us borrow your circular saw, Chad!).

Hours and hours later, we had the door up and installed.

{A Smith of All Trades} Car Port Door Inside No Paint No Molding

Progress, woo!Installed front door

We decided to wait until later to add the trim and get started on the front door (which I demoed all by myself while the boys finished up the car port door!). That was a good choice because that door was also a huge pain in our butts.

{A Smith of All Trades} No Front Door

Everything we went through on the car port door, we went through on the front door — and them some. We had to completely remove the brick molding on this door to get it into the opening, which was way too wide for our door. *sigh*

BUT, my step dad is the man. Seriously, he is the man. Not only did he save us like $700 by helping us install these doors, he patiently explained everything he did and let us be a huge part of the whole process. He was amazing. He was/is the man, and he figured out (after much cursing) exactly how to get the front door into our crooked, too-wide opening.

Apparently I don’t have a photo of what the front door looked like from the inside, but picture this: A nice new door hung with about and inch or two of light peering in from the outside all along the edges. We put painter’s tape over the holes until John could come back and help us with the molding on a later day because it was nearing 10 p.m. and we were all pooped.

Time check – 1 day

In between doing the doors and the molding, I painted the outsides of both doors. Teal!!!!!

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door No MoldingAnd more teal!!!!

{A Smith of All Trades} Car Port Door Painted no molding

That was the easy part of painting. Then John came back and he and I installed the trim around the doors. For the car port door, we essentially made our own trim to cover the nasty parts of the brick that the old door frame used to cover. John ripped down three pieces of wood to frame the brick molding, which I primed before we hung them around the edges.

The front door was even trickier (imagine that). I cannot even explain what John had to do to get the brick molding to fit and look nice around the door, but he did it and it looks fabulous.

All of this was finished last weekend, and I managed to put off painting until Thursday evening and Friday afternoon.

Thursday evening I tackled the inside of the car port door and it just took forever. You’d think white paint on a pre-primed door would be simple enough — but the white paint needed three coats. Holy cow, that’s what I get for not buying the paint and primer version of my paint! Lesson definitely learned.

Friday afternoon I tacked the other door  and all of the molding. The molding had to be sanded down from all of the wood putty and this door also took three coats.

Once everything was painted, I touched up the teal sides of our doors and then started re-adding our hardware on the door. I also installed a new doorbell! That was satisfying.

{A Smith of All Trades} New Doorbell

Finally, our doors are done. And even thought the whole process too far longer than I could have ever imagined (even this blog post took longer than I imagined), they look fantastic and I love them. The light the add to our house is epic, and the teal just POPS right off of our boring white house.

{A Smith of All Trades} My House

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door After

They look so pretty, I just adore them.

{A Smith of All Trades} Car Port Door After

And the inside doesn’t look too bad either 🙂 Even if they did take forever to paint.

{A Smith of All Trades} Car Port Door Inside After


{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Inside After

All in all, this project took about four days to do. I would have guessed two. Oh well. Glad it is done, but I’d definitely do it again — just with realistic expectations this time around!

Our next project on the front of our house… shutters and a new light fixture.

{A Smith of All Trades} ShuttersThanks for being patient for the door reveal! I would have loved to share it earlier, but that’s how life goes, huh?

Have a fabulous weekend 🙂

And thanks again, John! We couldn’t have done it without you.