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I entered the Craftgawker X Whimseybox Challenge with my DIY Wind Chime Project from earlier this week. All you have to do to vote for my project is click HERE, then click the heart in the bottom right corner of my entry. It’s as easy as that! The 10 entries with the most “favorites” move on to the finals!

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Craft Projects

Key and Crystal Wind Chime

As promised — new craft project!!!

Remember how I altered my aunt’s beautiful wind chime to match her preexisting one? That project inspired me to think out of the box to create her a final wind chime to complete her set. Both of her chimes are copper with key and crystal accents, and I happened to have a ton of old keys and chandelier crystals in my craft room. What luck!

{A Smith of All Trades} Old wind chime

{A Smith of All Trades} New wind chime

I set out to make my own wind chime using  keys, crystals, wire, chain and an embroidery hoop.

{A Smith of All Trades} Hoop unpainted

First, I separated my hoop into two pieces. I went outside and hit each side with some copper spray paint to match my aunt’s existing chimes.

{A Smith of All Trades} Hoops painted

Once the hoop was dry, I brought it inside and drilled six holes around the inner of the two hoops. This is where I attached the actual chimes, using the outer ring as a safety measure against the wire getting too much wear and tear.

{A Smith of All Trades} Hoop

When the holes were drilled, I started making each strand of the chime. I didn’t want my strands to be even, so I didn’t bother measuring out the chain. For this step, I laid out my supplies: pliers, wire, chain, keys, crystals.

{A Smith of All Trades} Tools

I had two sizes of crystals from a leftover chandelier: Large drops and small faceted octagons. I used the large drops at the end of each chain to give them weight. For keys, I had a nice mixture to choose from. I opted to not be matchy-matchy. I spray painted a few copper, but left others natural.

To get the crystals onto the chain, I took a copper wire and looped it through the pre-drilled hole.

{A Smith of All Trades} Wire

Once the wire was in and trimmed to a good length, I started to twist it around itself, creating a loop at the other end and hooking in the chain. Once the chain was hooked onto the wire, I came back down the wire, wrapping it around itself until the wire ran out.

{A Smith of All Trades}Wire Wrap

After the anchor crystals were on, I continued this process up the chain. Crystal, key, crystal, key. I added more keys to some chains, and fewer to others.

{A Smith of All Trades} Crystal bead

Once the chains were created, I attached them to the embroidery hoop using the same method of twisting the wire. When all six chains were added, I added two chains at the top (using the existing holes) to hang the chime from.

{A Smith of All Trades} Crystals

Aren’t the crystals beautiful?!

{A Smith of All Trades} Key

And I just love the different keys that I added to the chime. They are all so unique.

{A Smith of All Trades}Wind Chime cg

The chime is so pretty, I almost don’t want to send it off to my aunt. But it will match so nicely.

{A Smith of All Trades} Wine Chime1

{A Smith of All Trades} Wind Chime

{A Smith of All Trades} Wind Chime 2

What do you think? Will you be grabbing your space embroidery hoops and old chain to make a chime? You could make on using beads instead of crystals! Anything would go 🙂

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Wind chimes

My aunt had the most unique and beautiful wind chime hanging outside when we went to visit her for the Fourth of July. It was a mix of different metals in heart and key shapes, accented with crystals.

{A Smith of All Trades} Old wind chimeIsn’t it gorgeous?

OK, how perfect is this — when perusing through the local five and dime store, Viddlers, we found the perfect wind chime to accompany it! The only problem was it was missing the crystal accents. The metals were the same, as was the heart and key motif. My aunt bought in anyway and I told her if we got enough crystals I would attach them to the chime for her.

Conveniently enough, we traveled the next day to a place called Lily Dale. This town (if you can even call it that) is known for it’s Mediums (a.k.a. psychics) and the spiritual connections found there. They also sell crystals! So after a few readings (I didn’t partake), we went to a store selling crystals and bought just the right amount to bling out her second wind chime. Check out the results!

{A Smith of All Trades} New wind chime

Was that a great find, or what!?