A wedding and a birthday

My friend (and sophomore year roommate) got married last weekend! She looked beautiful. We had a wonderful time celebrating Liz & Chris last weekend.


This weekend we celebrated our little buddy Declan’s 2nd birthday!


Is he adorable or what? It seems like we were just celebrating his first birthday yesterday.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Craft Projects

Bride and Groom figurines

OK, OK, OK…. I promise after today I will stop talking about wedding stuff and Chicago. But give me one more day. You won’t regret it.

First of all, if you want to see some of the most amazing wedding pictures EVER, check out the professional photos from Allie and Stanton’s wedding. Holy amazing.

If you want to see the most amazing wedding craft ever, keep reading 🙂

I wanted to make my sister something for her wedding and was totally inspired to make her bride and groom figurines after trolling craftgawker one day.  I saw these adorable wedding cake toppers on Crafts Unleashed, and although they did s’mores and no cake, I knew I had to make them.

To make these figurines you need to buy little wooden body forms at a craft store.


Hobby Lobby only had men figures, so I just used that and they turned out great. Take your time and carefully paint each figurine. Seriously, this takes so much patience. And a tiny paint brush. But mostly patience.

I painted the dress and white part of the tux first, then layered on the darker colors. I did the hair last so I could continuously grab the little head to paint the body. I let the body dry before moving onto the hair.

Wedding people

When I was done painting everything, which took a couple of hours, I added a veil using leftover tulle from my neighbor’s wedding veil.

Wedding people 2

A small dab of hot glue and some careful placement — my bride doll had a veil!

Wedding people 3

I ended up giving these to Allie early, so she put them at her and Stan’s spot at their wedding 🙂

Wedding people 4

So stinking cute 🙂  I wish I had made a set for the hubby and I for our wedding.



My sister got married

My sister got married on Sunday and her wedding was amazing. Here she is at the rehearsal with her hubby, Stan.  Are they cute or what!?


And since I was in her wedding, so that’s the only picture I have of the bride and groom together haha.

Isn’t my sister a beautiful bride? They got married in Chicago (I’ll post pictures from our trip tomorrow!) at Promontory Point, which is right on the water. There was dancing, deep dish Chicago pizza, LOTS of wine, and even s’mores!

Sister head shot


Allie’s wedding was all about the DIY. She made time capsules for them to open on significant anniversaries. She made boutonnières, centerpieces and place card holders. She made a “Mr. And Mrs.” sign for their table. We even all made the bouquets for her wedding. She was so creative with all of her touches, so it really felt like her personality shone through with her wedding.


We all wore white, which I was skeptical about, but it looked fabulous. Especially with our red lips and red bouquets!

So pretty

Congratulations, Allie and Stan. Glad I could be a part of your special day!