It seems silly to complain about rain when areas of the country are being hit by deadly tornadoes. So consider this a post where I am in awe of the rain, not complaining about the rain. I mean let’s be honest. Rain is awesome. It waters my plants so I don’t have to. That’s a win!

I don’t know when the last time we got this much rain was. Certainly not while I’ve lived in my house. You would have though we lived by a raging river with the water we got this week.

Check out these photos:

Just so you have an idea, there’s never more than an inch of water trickling from the drain. I usually don’t even notice it is there. But holy smokes, it was a river! And our neighbors had a nicely formed lake in their yard. Our yard didn’t fare too poorly. It was just soggy. But the same couldn’t be said for everyone.

Did you guys hear about the sink hole in Baltimore?

That’s only 30 minutes from us!


Stay dry, folks. Stay dry!



Guess who got snow last night!?!?! WE DID!


While it wasn’t that much snow, it was the perfect amount to blanket the ground and make our house look so pretty and plenty of snow to make traffic horrendous. But that’s OK.


It was also the perfect amount for SNOW DOG.


Remmy loves the snow. Love. Love. Love. He would have stayed outside all day if I would have let him.


And the best part is when he does come back inside from playing in the snow, it gives him a doggie high and he runs around the house with snow on his muzzle like a crazy man.

Snow Dog

Yes, that blur of a dog is my crazy, crazy boy.

Snow Dog

Basically, snow is dog crack. Well, for Remmy at least.


He is such a pretty snow dog. And he might be in luck because I think Maryland might be getting some more snow tomorrow! #winning


Hurricane Sandy

Hey all, you probably won’t hear from me for a day or two. We are getting slammed by Hurricane Sandy here in Maryland and will probably lose power for a couple of days. The hubby and I are as prepared as we can be… we’ve got lots of animal crackers and apples to survive the storm. That’s all you need, right? Oh, and water. And a flashlight and candles.

The weather isn’t too bad right now… no worse than any other thunderstorm. But tonight the winds are supposed to be crazy, so we’ll see how it goes. We also have a new friend! There is a hawk calling our yard home right now and driving our pup mad. Can you see it sitting on the fence?

Anyway, ┬áif you are on the East Coast, please be safe and be smart. Don’t go anywhere unless you absolutely have to. A lot of states have declared a State of Emergency, so this storm is no joke.

See you on the flip side.