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Little King’s Confections at the St. Mary’s bazaar

I am proud to share that my best friend finally has a blog for her baking business, Little King’s Confections. Check it out!! I’m also proud of her because she volunteered her time and talent to make a ton of chocolate for her church’s Christmas bazaar. She raised more than $500 for them and did a great job 🙂 she practically sold out of everything and definitely drummed up business for herself in the future.

Next week she’s helping me at my fair, and the following week we are doing one together!! Yay.

Hope your weekends are wonderful!








Anniversary cake and truffles

Two posts in one day — holy cow! I couldn’t help myself though. Dana came over last night to give us an anniversary gift. She made our wedding cake a year ago and for our anniversary made us a mini version of the same cake. Best. Friend. Ever.

It is beautiful! I am always so impressed.

She also dropped off my September truffles: Apple Pie A La Mode and Hazelnut Orange.

They are to-die-for delicious.

So yummy?


Oh yeah, the blog hit 80,000 plus views today!! So excited 🙂


Mmmmm… truffles!

My bestie just had surgery on her left hand to alleviate the pain she’s been experiencing for months from carpal tunnel. It went really well and she said that aside from surgery pain, her hand and wrist don’t hurt like they did before! Fantastic news.

She’s taking the month of July off from all things baking, including her yummy truffles. But, she did make a fantastic duo of truffles for the month of June.

Her Arnold Palmer Truffles were AH-MA-ZING — definitely one of my favorites so far. The dried lemon on top (maybe it’s candied? I don’t bake much haha) was a delicious addition to the truffle, which was marbled on the inside with a lemony chocolate and milk chocolate. YUMMO!

Her other truffle this month was a Pistachio Apricot Truffle. Also delish.

This one was dipped in dark chocolate. Instead of a pistachio or apricot flavoring, she chopped both ingredients for her truffles, giving the chocolate just a faint hint of the flavors.

Get better soon, Dana! Love you bestie.