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Happy whales

Disclaimer: I should start this post by saying I caught some sort of head cold this past weekend and am not 100% with it right now. Hence my goofy post about whales.


OK, is this not the cutest thing ever!? If I ever get rich enough to own a beach house, this is the first thing I’m buying for every single room. 

This adorable tissue box holder is from Etsy and comes in so many colors!! I’m seriously geeking out over them right now.

They just look SO happy!

I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon this creation, but I was inspired by the smiley whale tissue holder. Funny what you can replicate when you think it’s adorable and when you are cracked out on DayQuil and allergy medicine.

Bahaha. So funny. When I have my beach house, this will be framed right above the tissue holder. Love.

Side note: According to my coworker, the whale tissue holder is probably inspired from the text message whale. I also think this is hilarious.

On a serious note, if you are like me and are super interested in graphic design, I definitely recommend playing around with the Adobe programs whenever you can. Every time I use them I learn something new. In fact, I just figured out how to make a triangle {Object > Convert Shape > Triangle}! Sounds easy… but I didn’t know how to do it as one set shape, so I used to just draw the three lines and group them as an object {Object > Group}. Life in InDesign has officially been simplified.

I’ve also been trying to learn more Photoshop and Illustrator. In fact, I am taking a two-day course on Illustrator at the beginning of May! I am really excited and have been teaching myself parts of the program here and there. It will be really nice to have formal training on it. I’ll have to let you all know how it goes.

Last random thing — Happy birthday, Phillip!