Recovering kitchen chairs

A few weekends ago my mother-in-law and I went fabric shopping so we could recover her kitchen chairs. The fabric was stained here and there, and just needed to be freshened up.

Robin's Old Chair

Robin unscrewed the seats, so we grabbed a cushion and went to pick out fabric. She picked a patterned upholstery fabric in a light bluish, greenish gray.

Robin's New Fabric

We got together this weekend to finish the chairs and were able to knock out the set in about an hour. I’ve done a few posts on how to recover chairs, so I won’t go into too much detail. Plus, I didn’t take pictures during since I was too busy hanging out with my awesome mother-in-law. She only almost stapled me once… and it was hilarious.

Here’s one of the finished chairs — it looks so fresh. In person, the fabric is definitely more blue and less neutral. The iphone let me down with color here.

Robin's Finished Chair

And here’s my adorable mother-in-law showing off her new chair and our hard work!

Robin's Finished Chairs

It was so much fun! Recovering a dining set is such an easy, quick and affordable way to make a change in your furniture.

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Metal Chair Redo

metal chair redo

Years ago my momma had a metal chair in her bathroom sitting at her vanity that she decided to trade in for something a little more modern. Even back then I scooped up this treasure with the quickness to refinish and use in my bedroom. The chair was olive green with a camel-colored leather seat. I painted it white and recovered the seat with a thin, blue fabric… and that’s how it has stayed for years and years and years.

chair before

I finally decided I had had enough of this look, mainly the worn-in seat that I covered with quilting fabric versus home decor fabric. Rookie move.

So to start on my redo of a redo, I took the seat off of the chair and started to rip of all of the layers of fabric. First the blue.

chair cushion… then the tan…


Then Remmy needed to investigate my work.


To make my chair a little more comfy, I added a layer of batting to the top.


Then I ironed the fabric for the chair and began to staple it to the cushion.


Since the seat is round I stapled ever few inches, folding the fabric along the way.





Then I put it on top of the chair to see how it looked.


Too similar to before! Time to go big or go home (where I already was… so not sure that works here… but whatevs!) I painted the chair vintage gold.

IMG_2546Time to add the cushion!


Before and After? Yes, please!

Chair before and after

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Project 7: Bulletin Board (part 2)

Woo! I finally finished my bulletin board project from a few weeks ago. I found a pale yellow fabric at JoAnn’s that I thought would be a good color for the board, so I quickly covered the board and added a few fun extra details.

I laid the board on top of the fabric and stapled around all of the edges. I had to use short staples because the board wasn’t too thick.

Once I was done stapling the fabric in place, I trimmed the excess fabric.

I was going to toss the scraps, but instead I decided to rip them into long strips. I ended up with 9 strips, so I braided 3 separate braids.

I tied the knot in the end of the fabric, and then I braided away.

I measured across the board to equally space out the braid, then I stapled them to the back of the board to get a funky design on the front.

I added picture wire to the back of the board to make it super easy to hang up. Picture wire is really easy to use. All you have to do is bend the end of the wire into a circle and wrap the remaining section of wire around the main section of wire.

I still wanted to spruce the board up a bit, but I didn’t want to do anything super permanent. So, I decided to make fun thumbtacks for little pops of color. I dug up my stash of buttons and hot glued different colors, sized and styles of buttons to the tops of the tacks.

Remmy, I see you!

Owww, owwwww! Love this nail polish 🙂

So cute, right? I love them. I think I’ll bring some to work and spruce up my boarding cork boards.

Here they are together — BAHH — so cute. I like that the braided fabric divides the board into four different sections. It will be great for pinning ideas in separate sections… kind of like a real Pinterest!