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Jewelry Holder: Spoon hooks

If you tuned in to the blog on Wednesday, you saw my post on the jewelry holder I made from a pallet I scored at work. Remember how I said I made a second one with cooler hangers?!? Well here it is… a jewelry hanger made of bent spoons! Too fun.


I used the exact same process as I shared with you earlier, except when it came to attaching the spoons. That was a little trickier than screwing in knobs.

To create the spoon hooks, I used real silver spoons because they are easily bendable. Before I bent each spoon, I clamped it to my pallet and drilled a hole at the top. This worked rather well, but it didn’t go all of the way through. So, to get the hole through and through, I put a small nail and wiggled it back and forth in the hole until it broke through. Once the hole was drilled, I bent my spoons with my hands into their desired shape and screwed them into my board. I added three spoons and some twine at the top to create this other version of my pallet jewelry holder.


I’ve seen other people use silverware as hooks and I think it makes this jewelry holder super fun and unique.
Happy crafting and happy Saturday!