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Silverware jewelry

Silverware Jewelry

Back in November I showed you how to make spoon earrings. For Christmas I made a smaller set of fork earrings for my best friend. I also made her a spoon necklace to go with them — fitting because of her love of all things culinary.

This necklace is fairly easy to make. You need a pliable spoon (preferably one with a pretty handle), E6000 glue, chain, a clasp and a set of clamps.

Step 1: Trim the chain down to desired length and add clasp. Set aside.

Step 2: Carefully bend spoon handle backward until the tip of the handle reaches the middle of the back of the spoon.

Step 3: Place a moderate amount of E6000 between the back of the spoon and the handle.

Step 4: Clamp the handle to the spoon and let dry overnight. When you remove the clamps, the handle should be securely connected to the back of the spoon.

Step 5: Clean up any excess glue and add the necklace chain through the hole in the handle.

Spoon necklace

Craft Projects, Jewelry

Spoon earrings

I was a crafting machine this weekend and tackled a project I’ve been meaning to try for some time now: spoon stamping! I have a bunch of old, silver spoons sitting in my craft room (not sure at this point where they came from) that I was able to break in half pretty easily, and from there went about flattening and stamping both the spoon and the handle.

What you’ll need for this project:

  • Spoons (at least two if you want to make earrings)
  • Pliers
  • Ear hooks
  • Thin chain
  • Drill
  • Mallet
  • Clamps
  • Hammer
  • Metal Stamps
  • Two pieces of wood
  • Sandpaper

First off, break your spoon in half! You can bend it back and forth until it breaks, or get it started with wire cutting pliers. Both ways work. Both ways are fun. After all, who doesn’t like to break stuff?

Your spoon will be rough where the break occurs, so sand the edge until it is smooth.

Then, place your spoon onto a piece of wood.

Sandwich your spoon with another piece of wood and tap on it with a rubber mallet to flatten in out.

Once it is flattened, take the top piece of wood and tap your spoon with a hammer. This will help flatten it out even more. Note: My spoon is all sorts of wobbly in the middle, which I really like. I didn’t try to get all of the wrinkles out.

With my spoon flattened, it was time to stamp it. I bought a small set of stamps off of Amazon, so I pulled those out and got to work. It was pretty easy… just place your stamp where you want it and hammer gently. If you hammer too hard, you’ll see little circles around your letters.

Once your letters are stamped into your spoon, you can fill them with sharpie and then clean off the excess with a dryer sheet or a jewelry cleaning sheet. Both work remarkably well for cleaning up old silver.

Next up: drilling holes. Clamp your flattened and stamped spoon onto your piece of wood and drill through the tops using a small drill bit. My electric drill is MUCH better at doing this than my cordless drill. When your holes are drilled, attach them to ear hooks (I used chains to do this) and your spoon earrings are complete.

If you have cool handles too, you can turn them into earrings as well using the same process.

Happy Tuesday!

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DIY: Spoon ring

I was visiting my momma the other day and as I’m walking out of the door she hands me this little spoon from Cancun, Mexico.

“You’re crafty. Do something with this,” she told me, pawning off her unwanted souvenir.

I found the spoon in my purse today when I was sifting through the mounds of crapola. It has no markings on the back to indicate what it is made out of, but I noticed right away that it is super bendable. Like many other crafters out there, I decided to make a spoon ring. At only 3 or so inches long, it seemed like the perfect size for my first spoon ring.

For tools, I used a hammer, pliers, a nail file (a cheapy paper one, too), and the handle of a lint brush. I should also add that I created this ring at my desk at work on my lunch break with the tools in my desk. Yes, I am a writer. Yes, I have a hammer in my desk. Yes, my tools are pink. And yes, I sometimes get teased by my male coworkers that all of my tools are pink (which they are not!) :p

Since the ring was so easy to bend, I was able to wiggle the end of the spoon back and forth until it broke off. I then took my nail file to the rough edge of the ring until it was smoothed out.

At this point, I bent the spoon with my hands into a circle shape. It wasn’t pretty, so I popped it onto the cylindrical handle of my lint roller and hammered gently so the ring would round itself out. It worked!

Note: I didn’t care if you could read the “Cancun” part of the spoon once I was finished (you still can), so I hammered the spoon without anything in between the spoon and the hammer. I’d recommend placing some sort of barrier in between your spoon and hammer if you care about that part of the ring not getting scratched. Like I said, mine was fine… but just in case!

How cute! And to think I made the ring using a lint roller handle and a nail file! I do have a ring dowel at home, which I will certainly use for future spoon rings, but I think my makeshift tool set worked rather well for this impromptu project. All in all, this project took about three minutes! Not too bad.

Now it’s time for lunch! Enjoy your days and thanks for stopping by!