Home Improvement

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Pictures… finally! My new camera came from Target today AND I found our Leica. Sweet night for me and my cameras and photos. Wooo!

Now for a photo display of awesomeness.

1. Look at our flowers!

They are crocuses and they our in our yard and they are beautiful. I can’t wait for spring so we can see how pretty our home looks!

2. Our Mocha-colored guest room

It’s all done! Saweet. Four rooms down, a bunch more to go. I love the brown. It’s really beautiful. And it’s not blue (although I would have been OK with more blue)!

Yes, that is a Dug the dog doll in the middle of the guest room.



5. We have lights and fans!

We now have a light in our linen closet. It might not sound exciting, but it’s very exciting for us.

And our electrician installed bathroom fans. OK, not the best photos. My B.

6. We also have a dryer (I’d throw in an exclamation point, except I loath laundry).

Man, we got a lot of new stuff this past weekend.

7. Best of all, we have drywall

Yesterday, Glen worked incredibly hard and spackled and taped all of the drywall the boys hung on Monday. Check it out!!!!! Notice the fireplace — you can’t even tell where the missing bricks were!

It looks fantastic. I’m getting really excited to see the final product. Oh! And look at the lighting! I forgot I hadn’t posted pictures yet. The recessed lighting isĀ wonderful. It makes a huge difference. We had it installed in the kitchen and craft room, too!