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Significant Dates

Mushy post alert!!

Ew, mush. I know. Just suck it up haha. This one’s quick!

I’ve seen this cute graphic design art floating around Pinterest for some time now that lists a couples’ most significant dates in their lives together. I made one a while ago but completely forgot about it. Then I opened it up and realized I didn’t like it. The white background was boring and the fonts were sorta lame-o.

This is a great inDesign project for any beginners because it is simply manipulating text boxes and choosing fonts. Nothing too crazy. I picked out our dates (I made one up because I’m not really sure when it was haha) and placed each date in its own text box. I pulled the text box edges to match the edges of the paper, then centered everything.

Then, in a smaller font, I labeled what each date was. I dragged the edges again to the outside of the frame and centered the text.

In a second layer, I added some scrolly embellishments in the corners and along the sides, fading the transparency to 20 percent.

And finally, on a third later, I added a color to the background (same as the accent text and scrolls) and faded it to 10 percent transparency.

See, doesn’t that sound easy?

Significant Dates

I definitely want to frame this one for our house. It’s simple and elegant, and it’s a eye-catching way to remind ourselves of our most special dates in our lives together. Speaking of which, 2014 will be a whole decade for us! Holy smokes.

If I find a fancy frame, I might just print it on a white background, minus the swooshiness. Here’s how that looks.

Lovey dates white

Fonts used: Baskerville (date), Albemarle Swash (explanation), Soft Ornaments Eights (swooshes)


Graphic Design

Holiday printables

I just realized that I forgot to share these pretty little printables when I made them two weekends ago!

I created the snowflake background in InDesign, which I was able to use for a project at work, too!

Then I used two contrasting fonts to spread a little holiday cheer and giggles. First up: Staching through the snow. I saw this saying somewhere else and burst out laughing. What will people think of next when it comes to mustaches?

Staching through the snow

And for a classier approach: Dashing through the snow
dashing through the snow

It’s so pretty 🙂 I might need to frame it and hang it up at home for the holidays. The gray is actually a Pantone metallic silver. Oh la la! And the whole thing is blue, so it would fit in nicely at my house.

Feel free to download them and print them out for your home!

Fonts used:

  • Respective Swashes Slanted (Dashing/Staching)
  • Secret Code (through the snow)
  • Soft Ornaments (snowflakes…. each point of the snowflake is a letter in Soft Ornaments. I copied and pasted and rotated until they created these pretty little snowflakes. Then, I grouped them and turned them into an object.)