The Blizzard of 2016


The East Coast got SLAMMED with a blizzard this past weekend and Brian, Remmy and I LOVED IT. Yes, we love snow. Maybe a little too much. Blizzard, oh heck yes — bring it on!

We were prepared. We set up our tape measure, ran to the store for a few essentials and hunkered down.


One of our favorite things to do in a blizzard is to go out and walk through the snow as it is coming down. We took the pup out on Saturday to see the state of the roads and how much snow we’d gotten — it was an adventure. We walked maybe 1/4 mile total, and it was exhausting!


The roads = terrible! And the snow banks were crazy.

Brian was able to stand on the snow and poke his head over the safety fence overlooking the highway. It was incredible.


The highway was crazy, and our neighborhood was crazy. IT WAS CRAZY.


We even snuck down onto the highway since no one was on it.


How often can you stand in the middle of a busy road with not a soul in sight? Crazy and oddly peaceful.

All in all, we got about 2 feet of snow, three days off work, one craft completed and one project underway! That was a productive weekend.

Snow bunnies

Brian and I have enjoyed being snow bunnies and Remmy has enjoyed rocketing through the snow at breakneck speeds. The shoveling was rough (especially when your shovel breaks), but hey, good exercise! The roads are still a little rocky, but that’s to be expected when a blizzard hits a region that some winters doesn’t get any snow at all. Fingers crossed and pajamas on backward that we get at least one more good snow this winter!

Did you have fun during the East Coast Blizzard of 2016?


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Snowy Winter Wreath

Winter Wreath Square

If you follow my blog you know by now that I am a cool colors girl. I don’t need any reds or oranges in my life. Give me blues and greens and I’ll be happy forever.

Last year I made a beautiful wreath for my front door. But that was when my door was red. And when my green and red wreath looked bangin’ good.


This year, with my fancy teal doors, the red and green just wasn’t so hot. So In the name of cool colors and my love of snow, I wanted to create a snowy wreath.

Allie and I (I told you we did a million things this weekend!) got all of the supplies at Michaels, and she created this AMAZING wreath while I made my centerpiece and a wreath I’ve yet to share.

To make this wreath, I bought a grapevine form and pretty much any and all of the snowy white floral stuff Michaels had in stock.

Winter Wreath1

Allie spent half of her time cutting each branch apart from one another before she started to systematically arrange them on the wreath. For the branches, she simply stuck them into the wreath far enough so they wouldn’t fall out.

On some spots, she added hot glue. With the pearls, she glued them all in after sticking them where she wanted them.

Winter Wreath3

She did this wreath layer by layer, adding small amounts as she went so it was evenly spaced around the form.

Winter Wreath close up

And basically she should be a professional wreath maker because it turned out to be gorgeous! You can really see all of the detail in the photo above. Some branches are covered in snow, others are covered in clear crystals. It is magnificent and I love the way it pops on my teal door. Buh-bye red, hello snowy white 🙂

This is one happy girl.



Guess who got snow last night!?!?! WE DID!


While it wasn’t that much snow, it was the perfect amount to blanket the ground and make our house look so pretty and plenty of snow to make traffic horrendous. But that’s OK.


It was also the perfect amount for SNOW DOG.


Remmy loves the snow. Love. Love. Love. He would have stayed outside all day if I would have let him.


And the best part is when he does come back inside from playing in the snow, it gives him a doggie high and he runs around the house with snow on his muzzle like a crazy man.

Snow Dog

Yes, that blur of a dog is my crazy, crazy boy.

Snow Dog

Basically, snow is dog crack. Well, for Remmy at least.


He is such a pretty snow dog. And he might be in luck because I think Maryland might be getting some more snow tomorrow! #winning