What does a clam do on its birthday?

Q: What does a clam do on its birthday?

A: It shellabrates!

Bahahahahaha. The reason for the joke?

Today is my big sister’s birthday!

Allie in burger hatGirl, you so flyyyyy.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday in Chicago and I can’t wait to see you again in Mayyyyyy! Lurv you ❤

You know who else has a birthday today!? My FAVORITE pup 🙂 He’s three!!! Holy moly.

Remmy being awesome

Sheesh. April 5 is just an awesome day.

Happy Friday!!




Philly: The City of Sisterly Love

The hubby and I spent the day in Philly with my sister Emily. We started our day eating real cheese steaks. Um, delicious.


Then we went to the Art Museum of Philadelphia, which is one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been to.

Afterward, we went to Love park where we saw a flash mob proposal! So cute.


After a yummy dinner out, we got some extra yummy fro yo. Now we are watching Moulin Rouge (hubby’s choice!).

Hope you are all having a great weekend!!!


Happy birthday

Happy birthday to my favorite big sister 🙂

Wasn’t she just the cutest baby!?

And isn’t she the sweetest big sister?! Look at us cuddling 🙂

Make sure you listen to the Beatles’ birthday song like Mom always plays 🙂 Love you!

AND… happy birthday to my pup, Remmy. Sometimes I swear you are the spawn of Satan, but I love you all the same.

If this video of our pup doesn’t melt your heart a little, then I don’t know what possibly could.

Fun fact: Remmy shares a birthday with Allie and we brought him home on Emily’s birthday. It was totally meant to be.

Love this guy.

Check back later today for pictures of our painted living and dining rooms! The post is scheduled for later this afternoon!