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10-Minute Heart Garland



  • Felt
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


To make your garland, first you need to measure your mantel or wherever else you’d like to hang your decoration. I used yarn for my garland, folding it in half so it was doubled up and a little bit thicker.

Cut your yarn and tie loops at each end.


Then, cut out hearts from red felt. Each heart needs two slits at the top for the yarn to pass through.


Start to weave one end of the yarn through the cutout slits of the heart until all of the hearts are threaded.


Then spread the hearts along the yarn until they will spread the width of the mantel. Then, you are done!

Heart Garland

Hang it on the mantel some Valentine’s Day cheer made in less than 10 minutes!

Heart Garland

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Love note bookmarks

Today is our first wedding anniversary — I can’t believe it’s been a year already since we got married. My how time flies.

After spending a year married to my best friend, it was easy to come up with a lovey-dovey paper gift for our first anniversary.

In fact, I made him two paper gifts! The first was a digital scrapbook of our honeymoon to St. Lucia. It turned out great and I know he is going to love it.

Then, I bought him a set of four computer programming books he really wanted (so boring, but he’s gonna be so pumped!). So, to go along with his book, I made him a set of love note bookmarks.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the paint chip bookmarks trending on Pinterest — I decided to do a take on that and play off the fact that we just bought our first home in our first year of marriage — so what better than paint chip/love note bookmarks?!

I stopped by Home Depot to grab a bunch of paint swatches, but they don’t really carry any of the “typical” paint swatches (vertical with multiple squares of color per bar). So instead I grabbed a variety of colors of Behr swatches to cut down to the perfect bookmark size.

First, I had to cut these over-sized swatches down to appropriate bookmark size. Behr has this cool feature on its premium paint colors — a punch out in the bottom left corner to hook all of your swatches together. This was the section I cut off.

I then rounded the freshly cut corners using a scrapbook tool (thanks, Mom!).

Once the corners were rounded, it was time to cutesy up my bookmarks… but not too much. I want Brian to use them, after all.

I borrow a heart punch from my Mom to make these bookmarks a little bit more lovey. I chose the smallest heart option she had so as not to make them too girly.

I finished making a bunch of bookmarks and got to jotting down cute notes.

I used a sharpie so my messages would show up nice and clear. I think they turned out great. Hopefully the hubbs likes them!

Happy anniversary to the most wonderful husband a girl could ask for. You’re the best, babe. I love you to pieces and am so happy to spend forever with you. You are my No. 1 Husband, fo sho.

❤ Your wife of the year

Happy Monday, and have fun making your own paint chip bookmarks. So easy, so cute.