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Hey new doors, heyyyyyy

After running around like crazy people last night doing some long-overdue grocery shopping and a Costco run, we finally made it to Lowe’s to pick up our new doors! Who wants to see some terrible photos of our doors? Hopefully you do.

I totally sissied out yesterday when it came to carrying them into the house, but we got them in and laid them on our floor. They are rather… beige. But that’s just for now! I am nervous that they will look too fancy on our Plain Jane house, but I am also fabulous at second-guessing my decisions when it comes to things I cannot return. *gulp*

{A Smith of All Trades} New Doors

The door on the left will be our front door, and the other will replace our crummy car port door.

I was a little nervous about leaving them ont he floor because of the pup, so I made a door cage out of chairs to keep Rem out.

He doesn’t seem too interested though.

{A Smith of All Trades} New Doors1

On to the swatches! I am loving the idea of a teal front door. I think the mint will get lost in the whiteness of our house, so a bolder pop of color is in order. I also like the vibrant blue. The hubby also likes the blue and hates the teal… so I should be nice and go with that. But I make no promises.

Sometimes a girl just needs a teal front door! And even though my hubby doesn’t quite believe it, I can always repaint the door if we hate it.

{A Smith of All Trades} Paint SwatchesThose were some quality photos, huh?

Hope you enjoyed. I have no idea when we’ll get a chance to hang them, but you’ll be the first to know once I know!

Happy hump day!

Home Improvement, Paint

Two bathrooms in two days

I’ve been busy these past two days. I painted both of our upstairs bathrooms, one purple and one blue. For our guest bathroom, I used gothic amethyst.

We originally bought this paint for our bedroom, then we changes our minds at the last minute. I think it looks beautiful in our bathroom. I picked out a white shower curtain with white mats and towels. It’s very spa like!

For our master, I picked a light blueish green. I originally wanted to use this color in our family room, but both the hubby and dad said it would be too bright. I hate to admit it, but I think they are right.

I picked Behr’s Lime Light. I love it. If I were a color, this is the color I would be.

This bathroom is super small, so it didn’t take too long to paint. The hardest part was taping everything. Oh, and painting behind the toilets. F-U-N.

Anyway, I love our master bathroom. I picked out a, ivory, waffle-weave curtain (not in the picture since the paint is still drying). I LOVE IT.

I also bought paint for our family room and kitchen. For our family room we’re painting a shade darker than our master bathroom. We chose Behr’s Contemplation.

For our kitchen we chose Behr’s Sanctuary.

I’m sure the hubby will be excited to have a color other than blue in the house. Also, it’s definitely way greener in real life. It’s going to look great against our granite and cabinets.

All in all, I would say my spring break was rather productive. Guess what we’re doing this weekend… more painting! Aside from a sore finger, I’m not upset about that at all.