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The Adventures of Remmy the Dog: Underwater Dive

The polls are in and Remmy’s next adventure is an underwater dive! Gosh he is just the cutest, diver pup.

The Adventures of Remmy the Dog_Underwater Dive

Stay tuned for his next adventure: Hot Air Ballooning!


New camera!

New camera

Guess who got a BEAUTIFUL camera for her birthday!?! Me!! I am still learning my way around my Cannon Rebel, but holy amazing — it is so much nicer than a point and shoot camera. I am in love.

I spent a few hours outside this weekend working on my lamp project that I shared yesterday¬†and snapping photos of my pup and our neighbors’ pup. These two are simply hilarious together.

These photos were all shot at f-stop 3.5

Remmy in yard small

Fence run

Winnie at fence

Remmy in yard small2

winnie fence

Winnie running at fence

Remmy up close

Winnie tongue


These two are the best of friends — it’s always fun when they play together.