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Weekend recap

This weekend has been pretty awesome. It started on Friday when my stepdad came over to remove the toilet and vanity from our family room bathroom. Then the hubby and I got to pick out a new toilet, vanity and light fixture — oh, and paint! We went with Behr’s Silent Ripple.

It is a light purple, but in certain lights looks a little blue. When we got home from buying our paint, I immediately got to work on the bathroom — even though it was 10 p.m. Three hours later, I was almost finished. I just had to cut in around the edges. Fun fact: I didn’t use any tape in the bathroom and it doesn’t look terrible! Yay!

Saturday morning started with loud thunderstorms and a swim meet. After the thunder calmed down, I rushed out of the house to see Elliott swim two races at his swim meet.

I got there just in time to catch his first race — it was a relay and he did the butterfly. Man is he fast! He also did a medley race, but was pretty tired from the earlier race because not much time was in between.

My dad, who has always been very involved in our sports, is an official for Elliott’s meets sometimes. Check him out — so serious!

When I was younger, he coached my soccer teams and he refereed soccer games. Now it’s swimming. He’s awesome.

Once we watched his first two races, the hubby and I headed off to Lowe’s. We had found a toilet at Home Depot the night before, but wanted to see what Lowe’s had as far as vanities went before making our purchase. We left empty-handed, planning ordering a light fixture and vanity online when we got home. But when we perused the interwebs, we decided that the cabinet to go with was the cabinet we almost bought at Lowe’s to begin with. So we got back in the car and headed to Lowe’s again.

Amidst all of the Lowe’s trips, I got to go out to lunch with my momma and BOTH of my sisters — that never happens! Allie is in town from Colorado just for the weekend 🙂 What a nice treat.

We ended out Saturday having dinner with Brian’s momma, then attending a block party in my dad’s neighborhood. I used to go to block parties each summer in our neighborhood, but they died down for a while. The neighborhood is trying to bring them back, which is a fantastic idea because they are so much fun!

Today, the hubby and I are cleaning up the house, grocery shopping and just taking it easy. Allie is going to come see our house for the first time! And John is going to come back over tonight the help us install our new bathroom purchases! Hooray.

On top of this fabulous weekend, Hobby Lobby gave me a sweet shout out on their Facebook page that pretty much made my entire life!


I hope you all had a great weekend — Bathroom reveal sometime this week 🙂

Home Improvement

Bathroom overhaul

I got sick of our third bathroom this weekend and decided to dismantle all of the ugly fixtures and update the ones I couldn’t quite remove yet.

It was super outdated, with lots of brass touches, chipping mirrors and cracking wood. No good.

So I just took it all out. I don’t even think I’m going to try and update any of it because the wood pieces themselves are ugly.

I’m honestly not sure when we’ll put it all back together, but I think it looks better with bare walls than it did with the old fixtures. Good bye,  brass!

Since I couldn’t remove the vanity quite yet, I removed the nasty, chipping brass handles and replaced them with brushed nickel handles that I pulled off of a cabinet I bought for my craft room. I still don’t love the vanity, but it definitely looks better with new(ish) hardware.

Ideally, I’d like to put something darker in its place. Here’s what I’m thinking.

So pretty. Add a new mirror and some brushed nickel fixtures and voila… it’ll be brand spanking new.

Home Improvement

The family room is gonna be HUGE

Whew… last night the hubby, my dad and I (really the two of them) cleared out all of the debris from our basement. They just finished loading up a truck to haul it all away to the dump. SOOOOO PUMPED! You gotta see how big this room is!

Remember before!?!?!

What a transformation!!!

The boys loaded up the truck in about a half hour. Impressive, considering they had to tackle this massive pile of garbage.

So glad it’s all loaded up and ready to be taken away.

In other news, our fence is getting installed today! Stay tuned for pictures of our beautiful paddock-style fence!