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Front Doors

Choices, choices, choices… The hubby and I bought new doors last weekend and are trying to figure out what color we should paint them upon their arrival. The problem: We cannot agree AT ALL!

We bought ReliaBilt doors from Lowe’s, opting for fiberglass with a faux wood grain. For our front door, we got the 3/4 lite and for our car port we got a 1/2 lite. The actual doors we bought can be seen here.

Our original doors are, err were, red.

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Red

I am le tired of red. It does nothing for me anymore. Our door is already somewhat hidden by our roof and eaves, so I want a bright and punchy door to stand out from the curb.

So, I painted our old front door, which is now our test door, mint! It is the color of the season after all.

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Mint

Personally, I love it. Well, almost. It needs to be punchier. But with the right hue of mint, I think the door will pop off of our white siding and contrast nicely with the redish-gray bricks.

{A Smith of All Trades} Front Door Mint

And of course, there’s the problem. The hubby hates the mint door. Hates it. HATES. And I love it. Love it. LOVE.

So, what do you all think? I am not opposed to doing a brighter red, but I don’t want to do a drab, dark cherry red again. We are going to get black shutters and our new doors have a gray glass in them. I think the mint would be beautiful, but my man sure needs some convincing.

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10-Minute Heart Garland



  • Felt
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


To make your garland, first you need to measure your mantel or wherever else you’d like to hang your decoration. I used yarn for my garland, folding it in half so it was doubled up and a little bit thicker.

Cut your yarn and tie loops at each end.


Then, cut out hearts from red felt. Each heart needs two slits at the top for the yarn to pass through.


Start to weave one end of the yarn through the cutout slits of the heart until all of the hearts are threaded.


Then spread the hearts along the yarn until they will spread the width of the mantel. Then, you are done!

Heart Garland

Hang it on the mantel some Valentine’s Day cheer made in less than 10 minutes!

Heart Garland

Craft Projects, Holiday, Valentine's Day

Love Birds

Red love bird

I love birds and I love Valentine’s Day, so naturally I would do a bird-themed craft project for the Feb. 14 holiday. While Valentine’s Day is still a month away (a month to the day today!), I wanted to get started early on the few projects I have planned so the decorations can be out an about for a bit. I only have one Valentine’s Day decoration — a cute wreath my step mom made me — so I need just a few more things around the house.

As I sat down to watch the football game last night, I got out my sewing kit and a few pieces of felt. To start on my love birds, I cut out two pieces to make the body.

Love bird project

Then, I starting stitching around the outside of the body.

Love bird project2

I doubled up the thread so it would show more on the stitching.

Love bird project3

I kept stitching all the way around the body until there was a small slit open by the tail. I stuffed the body using some leftover batting.

Love bird project4

Love bird project5

Once it was all stuffed, I sewed the remainder of the body closed.

Love bird project6

Time to add the rest of the pieces! I cut out a beak, wing and feet, and sewed each piece to the bird.

Love bird project7For the wing, I used a heart!!!

Love bird project8

Lastly, I added an eye using thread.

The red bird is for my hubby. Then I made a white one for me! For the second bird, I sewed all of the extra pieces on first. … the beak, the wing, the feet and the eye. That was a lot easier.

Love birds

We have the cutest love birds. ❤

All in all, it took me less than two hours to make these two love birds. Now they are sitting on our mantel — the first of the Valentine’s decor for our house.

Love bird project Mantel