A quick chair redo

Yesterday was a fantastic day. My best friend and I went bargain hunting at a local art shop that is closing down. It’s a total bummer that it’s closing, but totally sweet that everything was 75% off!!!

I filled my cart with some awesome goodies that I’ll show you all later, then we headed to a small consignment shop where I found this gem.

For $5 whole dollars, this chair was mine. I love to recover chairs. They are so easy and take no time at all, not to mention that with a little fabric you can change the entire look of the piece of furniture.

The chair itself is a little dinged up, but it is completely sturdy. The cushion wasn’t so hot… in fact, it was kinda gross. Good thing I have lots of fabric remnants chilling in┬ámy craft room!

I removed the three screws holding the seat onto its frame, and got to recovering.

Remmy was there to keep me company.

I stapled the fabric to the bottom of the seat using my staple gun. The only tricky part was making the corners look nice. I’ve tried to explain how to do this before, and my best advice is to pull the fabric taught around the corner in a few different ways to wee which you like best.

For this chair, I started at one side of the corner and did little folds until I rounded the corner onto the other edge of the seat. (Does that make any sense?) Here’s what I came up with:

Not too bad, huh?

I screwed the seat back onto the frame of the chair, and voila! In less than 10 minutes my chair was as good as new.