Graphic Design

Fifth Annual FRW Walk

I’ve had the pleasure of working with the FRW Scholarship Fund for a third year now, helping them promote their annual walk. Their 5th Annual Two-Mile Fun Walk is being held today in D.C.

Each year we work together, we do a postcard and a T-shirt. Here’s what we came up with this year:

FRW Postcard 2014

Frank R Williams

The number 5 is a little larger on the final shirt, but you get the idea.

I love collaborating with these ladies. They are so passionate about their cause and they are always a joy to work with.

Wishing them the best at their event today!

Graphic Design

Occasional Symphony: Benefit Concert for Baltimore Outreach Services

The Occasional Symphony is having another concert! This time, it’s a benefit concert for Baltimore Outreach Services. I happily designed another poster for the group — much less scary than the Halloween poster.

Occational Symphony_Baltimore Outreach_final

If you are in Baltimore this Friday night and need something to do, you should definitely check them out. Peter and the Wolf is one of my favorites. I remember my dad loving the music growing up.

Anyway, the group is doing great things. It was a joy to work with them again.