Mini chalkboard table

I saw this abandoned kid’s table on the side of the road on my way home from taking the pup to the groomer. Of course I had to stop and pick it up. It’s not all that often that I see gems on the side of the road, and when I do it’s even less often that I am able to stop and pick them up. So when I saw this table and I wasn’t on my way to work, I had no passengers and I didn’t have a car full of crap, I quickly made a U-turn to pick it up.

Chalkboard Before


As most things on the side of the road do, the table needed love. I gave it a good scrubbing and tightened all of the screws so it wouldn’t wobble.

Then, I removed the slide-out white board top and painted the opposite side with chalkboard paint. I figured a duel-use table would be ideal when you have small kids.

To finish the piece off, I spray painted the frame black. To me, it looks much nicer than the yellowy oak color before.

Chalkboard Desk mini

I’d much rather see this little guy in my house than it’s trash-bound¬†alter ego.

chalboard kids table


Graphic Design

Cinco de Mayo celebration in Baltimore

Oh la la! My latest graphic design project was bilingual!

Need something fun to do this Cinco de Mayo? My coworker’s fiance’s symphony is putting on a concert in Baltimore on Saturday, May 4 in celebration of the holiday. There will be music, dancing, food and sangria — what could be better!?

I designed this poster for them and I love it — not obnoxiously Mexican themed, but definitely fun and flirty for the occasion.

{A Smith of All Trades} OS Cinco De Mayo Final


… and for the Spanish version:

{A Smith of All Trades} OS Cinco De Mayo Spanish_Small

If you live in the area and are interested in going, visit the Occasional Symphony website for tickets.



New camera!

New camera

Guess who got a BEAUTIFUL camera for her birthday!?! Me!! I am still learning my way around my Cannon Rebel, but holy amazing — it is so much nicer than a point and shoot camera. I am in love.

I spent a few hours outside this weekend working on my lamp project that I shared yesterday¬†and snapping photos of my pup and our neighbors’ pup. These two are simply hilarious together.

These photos were all shot at f-stop 3.5

Remmy in yard small

Fence run

Winnie at fence

Remmy in yard small2

winnie fence

Winnie running at fence

Remmy up close

Winnie tongue


These two are the best of friends — it’s always fun when they play together.