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Mother’s Day

I am one of the most fortunate people on the planet because I have not one, not two, but three wonderful mothers that I get to celebrate each year on Mother’s Day.

This weekend was a fabulous celebration of my three moms, starting on Saturday with a dinner for my step mom, Jill.

We had the family over for chicken kabobs on the grill and we played a new game, Swish, until the power randomly went out. You’d think that would have ended the fun, but instead we all gathered in our dark living room and played Name That Tune from songs on my dad’s phone. It must be in our genes, because Emily and I are way talented at Name That Tune. We sometimes know the song from one note only.

I didn’t take any photos because we were super busy preparing for our dinner, and then we lost power. Oh well.

Sunday morning Emily, Brian and I headed over to mom’s house to give her a fancy, new ice cream maker! We all hopped into the car and drove to Annapolis to have brunch on the water of the Chesapeake Bay.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

Brunch was DELISH! If you live anywhere near the Chesapeake Bay, I highly recommend trying out the Severn Inn. It was a beautiful place to celebrate my wonderful momma.

Once we finished with brunch, the hubby and I hurried home so I could start making homemade pizza dough for dinner with his momma. I’d never tried it before, but using my handy dandy bread maker, I put in all of my ingredients and it did the hard work.

Two hours later, and we had some fresh dough!

Homemade Dough

The pizza was delicious — we covered half of it in pepperoni and half in tomato slices. I was too excited to eat it and forgot to take a photo, but it was super yummy. I’ll do a post next time I make it detailing all of the ingredients and steps because it was way easier than I anticipated.

Mother’s Day was great this year and I hope all three of my moms feel loved and a little spoiled. They are all amazing people and I am lucky to call them all my moms.