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Museum Admission Earrings

Museum Earrings Cover

On our trip to Philly this weekend my little sister took us to the Philadelphia Museum of Art where we got the coolest admission tags ever. OK, I’m not a huge museum goer, so maybe all museums give this cool little things out. Either way, I thought they were super neat. Depending on the day you go to the museum, you get a different colored tag to fold over your collar. Basically, it let’s the guards know you paid to get in and are allowed to be there. Some obnoxious, snobby people like to give the guards a hard time about wearing these on their collars, but I thought they were freakin’ awesome. Pretty much as soon as we got them I called dibs on them for crafting.

Museum tags

After we got home last night, I dug these bad boys out of my purse and quickly made an awesome pair of souvenir earrings.

First thing I needed to do was to cut off the tabs. The tin was thin, so I snipped the tabs off with scissors.

Museum earrings cut

Next, I pierced a hole in the top using a rubber mallet and a nail.

Museum Earrings hole

I flattened the sharp edges with some flat jewelry pliers, then added a jump ring and ear hooks to complete my set of souvenir earrings.

How easy was that?!

Museum Earrings

Adorable, yes? I love that when I wear them I’ll be able to remember our fun trip to Philly with Em.

Love statue

Me and Em

My older sister just moved to Chicago, so I guess that is next on our list 🙂


Philly: The City of Sisterly Love

The hubby and I spent the day in Philly with my sister Emily. We started our day eating real cheese steaks. Um, delicious.


Then we went to the Art Museum of Philadelphia, which is one of the coolest museums I’ve ever been to.

Afterward, we went to Love park where we saw a flash mob proposal! So cute.


After a yummy dinner out, we got some extra yummy fro yo. Now we are watching Moulin Rouge (hubby’s choice!).

Hope you are all having a great weekend!!!

Home Improvement, Life


Last night my dad, step mom, brother, sister and I saw Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia on his Wrecking Ball tour. He puts on a fantastic show! My dad and brother had general admission tickets and were in the group of 500 people selected to go into the pit (the area surrounding the stage) — lucky them! Elliott even got to touch The Boss as he crowd surfed!

Bruce played about 25 songs, including some of my favorites: American Skin, Thunder Road, Born to Run, Land of Hope and Dreams, The Rising…. I could go on and on. We had a really good time.

I treated myself to a sweet Springsteen hoodie. It’s my new favorite article of clothing, fo sho. I was pretty excited this morning when the high temperature for West Chester, Pa. was only 56 because it meant I could wear my new hoodie all day. I know, I’m a total dork.

The most exciting news I have to share is that Glen and the hubby are laying our floors right now! They are 65 percent done right now, and I bet they come pretty darn close to finishing up the floors tonight. They look AHMAZING. Oh, and our granite hearth is down, too. So pumped.