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DIY: Spoon ring

I was visiting my momma the other day and as I’m walking out of the door she hands me this little spoon from Cancun, Mexico.

“You’re crafty. Do something with this,” she told me, pawning off her unwanted souvenir.

I found the spoon in my purse today when I was sifting through the mounds of crapola. It has no markings on the back to indicate what it is made out of, but I noticed right away that it is super bendable. Like many other crafters out there, I decided to make a spoon ring. At only 3 or so inches long, it seemed like the perfect size for my first spoon ring.

For tools, I used a hammer, pliers, a nail file (a cheapy paper one, too), and the handle of a lint brush. I should also add that I created this ring at my desk at work on my lunch break with the tools in my desk. Yes, I am a writer. Yes, I have a hammer in my desk. Yes, my tools are pink. And yes, I sometimes get teased by my male coworkers that all of my tools are pink (which they are not!) :p

Since the ring was so easy to bend, I was able to wiggle the end of the spoon back and forth until it broke off. I then took my nail file to the rough edge of the ring until it was smoothed out.

At this point, I bent the spoon with my hands into a circle shape. It wasn’t pretty, so I popped it onto the cylindrical handle of my lint roller and hammered gently so the ring would round itself out. It worked!

Note: I didn’t care if you could read the “Cancun” part of the spoon once I was finished (you still can), so I hammered the spoon without anything in between the spoon and the hammer. I’d recommend placing some sort of barrier in between your spoon and hammer if you care about that part of the ring not getting scratched. Like I said, mine was fine… but just in case!

How cute! And to think I made the ring using a lint roller handle and a nail file! I do have a ring dowel at home, which I will certainly use for future spoon rings, but I think my makeshift tool set worked rather well for this impromptu project. All in all, this project took about three minutes! Not too bad.

Now it’s time for lunch! Enjoy your days and thanks for stopping by!