Breaking and entering

I couldn’t resist sharing this funny story with you all. Last week I got a call from my hubby while I’m at work — he called to tell me he got locked out of our bedroom. He blamed the dogs, but I think it was my fault. Oops.

When I got home I tried to unlock the door using one of my many keys, but none of them opened the door. You see, our bedroom has an actual lock on it, not a privacy lock. We’re really not sure why, and we should probably switch out knobs so this doesn’t happen again. But anyway, we were locked out.

I thought for sure I had the key to our deck door on my key ring, so I wasn’t too worried. But we tried every key in both locks, and neither budged.


Then we realized our second story bedroom window was open! You see where I’m going with this, right?

We walked to our neighbors house and asked to borrow their ladder, then trekked back over to the side of our house and set up shop for our own mini heist. OK, it wasn’t a heist, but it did feel sort of bad ass to break into the second story of our house!

Brian did the breaking and entering because I don’t do heights. Also, I think I was in a dress or skirt and that wouldn’t be pretty haha.


Any other bloggers out there? I bet your husbands LOVE when you make them stop and smile in the middle of something so you can add that picture to your blog. At least Brian’s a good sport 🙂


We’re in!


Like I said, too funny not to share.

Home Improvement

Busy weekend

Hello, blog!

Well, we did it. We finally installed our new doors. It took pretty much all weekend because our house is amazingly crooked, but they are installed. I’m only going to share one photo with you today because I’ve only had time to paint the outside of our doors. The inside is still a primed, boring beige.

Guess what color the doors are??


That’s right, teal. They look fabulous. Or at least I think they do. Turns out a lot of men don’t like the color teal, especially not on a house haha. Oh well. 

Here’s a photo of our doors installed, not painted, and with no trim. Looking pretty good, huh?


Tomorrow I’ll share all of the troubles we (mainly my amazing stepdad) went through to get these bad boys onto the house.