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Clearance Jug Lamps

I hope you all had a merry Christmas and a wonderful New Years! I’ve been off work for three whole weeks and it has been amazing! You might think I would update my blog more since I had a lot of time off, but I’ve been happily hanging out with my family and friends instead of doing work of any kind! That’s not to say I didn’t craft on my three-week staycation. Stay tuned for a bunch of new projects that I’ve been working on!

Today’s project couldn’t be easier to make. And yes, if you read the title of the post, it is a lamp!

An easy lamp? Yup!

I was browsing around at Michaels a couple of months ago and I found two beautiful green glass jugs on clearance for around $3 a piece. I knew right then and there that I wanted to turn them into a set of lamps for our night stands. You see, ever since B and I have lived together (oh, 4+ years), he’s had a lamp and I haven’t. Or at least that’s how I remember it. I definitely have had one since we moved to our house.

I’ve wanted to buy a matching set but they are SO EXPENSIVE. So when I saw these jugs I knew I already had the perfect tools to turn them into lamps.

Even longer ago — sheesh, probably two years ago — I bought a kit on Amazon to turn a wine bottle into a lamp. After I bought the kit I decided that a wine bottle makes for an awkward lamp, but I saved the kit for later. Perfectly enough, the clearance jugs had an opening and a neck as skinny as a wine bottle! So making my lamp was as easy as plugging the kit into the opening of the bottle. I thought I might have to seal it with glue, but the cork is in the neck of the jug very tightly.



Cork Adapter

You can see the cork in the neck of the bottle in the above photo. For a better photo, or to buy your own, check out this listing on Amazon. I definitely don’t think I paid $20 for a set of two. I think I paid closer to $10…. so maybe shop around?

Anyway, I made two lamps in two minutes. The hard part? Finding shades! See, the jugs aren’t huge, so a normal shade would be too big. And then I found one at Target I loved, but they only had one. I held onto the one for about a month before giving up on finding its mate. I returned my favorite shade, then found a set of two a couple of weeks later. SCORE!

Here’s how the lamps turned out:

Jug Lamp

The only downside to the kit is that the cord runs out at the fixture instead of through the lamp, but I love them regardless.

Jug Lamp On


And now I finally have a lamp to go in my nightstand. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to me, amiright?

Hope you are all doing well in 2014! It’s back to work tomorrow and back to more diligent blogging. Getting back into the groove will be rough, but normal will be a nice change.


Craft Projects

Record Bowl Pendant Light

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

Another spring break project — a record bowl pendant light. I made record bowls last year and again last fall to sell at my trash to treasure craft fair. They are fun and easy to make, and they can be turned into awesome things even after you’re done! For example, a pendant light.

This project was fun for me because I got to learn how to unwire and rewire a light.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I have this light socket I saved from a hanging lantern I had in my room growing up. I think it is from IKEA, but if not I know they have similar light sockets.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I picked a particularly curvy record bowl for the light, but I needed to get the wire through the h0le in the record so I needed to unwire it.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I unscrewed everything and carefully detached the two wire ends from the screws holding them to the socket.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

With the wires free, I was able to feed them through the hole in the center of the record.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I reattached them back to the socket and added the plastic cap back on.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

It was that easy! I strung it up in the rafters of our basement to see how it would hang — not too bad 🙂

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

If you are a music lover or have a bar, these would be really cool for you to make.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I don’t think I’ll actually hang this in our house because it doesn’t quite go, but I might be making a lot more of these for my fair next year.

Craft Projects

Painted Chevron Lampshade

Chevron Lampshade

I’ve been holding onto this oddly shaped lampshade for a few years now and I finally got around to sprucing it up. I wanted to bring some color to the shade, so I got out two different types of paint and set to work.

Chevron Lampshade 3

First, I painted the entire shade cloud blue, from Martha Stewart Craft paints. I let the shade dry before adding two, thick chevron stripes in Martha Stewart’s gold metallic paint. I hand-painted the stripes because the painters’ tape wouldn’t stick to the shade — they turned out great, though!

I finished the shade by trimming the edges in gold paint as well.

Chevron Lampshade 4

In about an hour, my shade went from boring white, to minty and gold. I put it onto a stainless steel lamp base and put it in our family room.

Chevron Lampshade 1

I need to get a side table for this room because the itty bitty ottoman looks silly, but the lamp looks darn cute.

Chevron Lampshade 2