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Shiny pumpkins

My pumpkins from Dana’s shower still have life left in them, so I transitioned them from fall to winter this weekend with some Krylon metallic spray paint.


I went out early yesterday morning and loaded these babies up with silver spray paint. I really liked how they turned out, so I grabbed some of the mini pumpkins from inside.


I mixed it up with the minis, using both silver and gold.


I was impressed with how shiny the Krylon paints came out and was thankful that each pumpkin only required one coat. I am the messiest spray painter, so I would have been all silver, too, if the pumpkins needed more coverage.


Once the pumpkins dried (I left then outside to dry all day, so I can’t say how long it took, exactly) I put them all at my front door for a cute little fall/winter display.


I wondered if anyone would notice, since our front “porch,” if you can even call it that, isn’t visible from the road. But I had Dana’s bridesmaids over last night and they oohed and ahhed.


The metallic pumpkins look so cute with my winter wreath, too! I wonder how much longer the pumpkins will hold out — with the chilly weather, I’m hoping to have these shiny beauties for a few more weeks.

… and I’m looking for more things to use the Krylon spray paint on. IT’S JUST SO SHINY. SPRAY ALL THE THINGS.

When Thanksgiving is over, I’m definitely going to have to find another use for it.

Craft Projects, Furniture

Sunshine Yellow wooden chairs

I love the color scheme in our house — it’s very calming and beautiful. Having said that, it never hurts to add pops of bright colors here and there. That’s just what I did with my most recent project. I found two wooden chairs at a local thrift store that I liked the shape of. So, I snagged them ($5 and $7… not too bad) and ran to Home Depot to pick a bright fun color.

IĀ ended up going with a bright shade of yellow. I set up a drop cloth in my yard so I had plenty of ventilation for my project, then started to spray away.


The chairs turned out great. There are a few spots I need to sand down and touch up but very time I spray paint I either grossly underestimate the amount of spray paint I”ll need and run out, or it starts to thunderstorm and I get interrupted halfway through my project. I’ve got about half a can left, maybe less, so hopefully it will be enough to cover a few areas I need to touch up. If not, I’ll buy one last can next time I’m at the store. I used five in total for this project.

Once my chairs were dry, I brought them inside. I’m debating whether to flank each side of my buffet (which I still need to refinish) with a chair so they are against our bluish-greenish walls, or if I should put them on our main floor so they are against the light gray.

Overall, I think they are adorable and oh so cheery.

I also like that we’ll have more seating options for our guests. The chairs are comfy, too!

Now I just need to make two pillows to tie them into whichever room I decide to keep them in. I’m thinking a gray chevron pattern with a cheery yellow flower and an aqua button… That can’t be too complicated to make, right?

That pillow looks dumb and is way too big, but you get the idea.

** The sad part about this project is that while I love the yellow, I keep wondering if I should have painted them an aqua blue instead… I have a serious problem with my love of blues and greens. I have to keep telling myself it’s OK to have yellow in my house :p **




Home Improvement

Family Room Bathroom Renovation Reveal

Our bathroom is finally finished! I say “finally” like it took ages, but it really only took us about a week to do — not too bad!

I decided to tear down our bathroom about a month ago when I just couldn’t take it anymore. The rest of our house looks pretty nice, but the bathroom was just yucky. Not to mention it was especially gross compared to our beautiful new family room. So I tore down the ugly brass fixtures and the old mirror.

Then my step dad came over to help us remove the vanity and the toilet since we had no experience with plumbing at all.

Afterwards, the hubby and I went shopping for a new vanity, toilet and light fixture. After shopping around, we found what we wanted for a decent price and scooped them up. Then I got to painting.

I stayed up until 1 a.m. painting our bathroom a light purple, Behr’s Silent Ripple to be exact.

Then the boys got to installing our new stuff! So exciting.

Doesn’t he look so hot with his headlamp on?

It felt so great to have our new stuff installed, but the bathroom still wasn’t complete. I needed a vanity mirror, but the hubby didn’t want to buy one. We also needed a new towel bar and shower curtain. I got those at Wal-Mart.

For the mirror, I had two options: First, I could redo a mirror my best friend gave me for Christmas. It was big and bulky and kinda ugly, but it could work. Or, I could use the builder-grade mirror that we took out of our master bathroom when we installed our medicine cabinet.

I figured to give the bulky mirror a try before resorting to an ugly, frameless mirror. So I taped it and took it out back to spray paint it with primer. I broke the top part off so it would actually fit in between the vanity and the light fixture. Then I taped off the mirror and sprayed with Krylon Primer. I barely beat the thunder storm before pulling the mirror inside to paint it white.

Three coats of white paint later…

I loved it! Bye-bye, builder-grade mirror!

All of the pieces were ready to go, so I installed the towel bars, hung up my new shower curtain, popped some curtains into the window, hung some artwork and placed our new mirror. I’m in love.

And for the final reveal… **drum roll, please**

Now if that’s not a cute bathroom, I don’t know what is! I love the dark espresso of the vanity against the light purple walls. I love that the curve of the white mirror meets up perfectly with the faucet. I love the bright white accents and the subtle bird theme in the bathroom. Love. I love love love it. It is SO much better than before!