Recovering kitchen chairs

A few weekends ago my mother-in-law and I went fabric shopping so we could recover her kitchen chairs. The fabric was stained here and there, and just needed to be freshened up.

Robin's Old Chair

Robin unscrewed the seats, so we grabbed a cushion and went to pick out fabric. She picked a patterned upholstery fabric in a light bluish, greenish gray.

Robin's New Fabric

We got together this weekend to finish the chairs and were able to knock out the set in about an hour. I’ve done a few posts on how to recover chairs, so I won’t go into too much detail. Plus, I didn’t take pictures during since I was too busy hanging out with my awesome mother-in-law. She only almost stapled me once… and it was hilarious.

Here’s one of the finished chairs — it looks so fresh. In person, the fabric is definitely more blue and less neutral. The iphone let me down with color here.

Robin's Finished Chair

And here’s my adorable mother-in-law showing off her new chair and our hard work!

Robin's Finished Chairs

It was so much fun! Recovering a dining set is such an easy, quick and affordable way to make a change in your furniture.

Christmas, Craft Projects, Holiday

Cookie Cutter framed art

Do you and your family make Christmas cookies every year? We do — in fact, it’s a big to-do in our family. We set aside an entire day dedicated to making our famous sugar cookies before our extended family joins us for the holidays.

Last year, we went through our cookie cutters to weed out the ones we never use, and my mom pulled out a set that used to be her mom’s. We never use them because they are a bit of a pain to use, but she didn’t want to throw them away. So, she gave them to me to make Christmas artwork for her. I turned them into a pretty and festive framed piece of art that she displays in her kitchen — how perfect!

To make the frame, I bought a ruby-red fabric with gold diamonds on it, as well as some spray adhesive. I also grabbed a shadow box frame since the cookie cutters aren’t flat.

I sprayed the adhesive onto the black insert that came with the frame and tightly wrapped the fabric around the edges. I trimmed off the excess and let it dry. Don’t go overboard on the spray glue because it can seep through your fabric.

Once the fabric was secure, I figured out how I wanted to space my cookie cutters, then started to glue. The cookie cutters were hollow(ish) on the inside, so I had to glue something inside of them so the glue could reach the fabric. For one, I glued crumpled up paper, which worked great. For the remaining ones, I glued small magnets. Those also did the trick.

With the cookie cutters ready to be added, I piled up hot glue on top of the paper/magnets, then carefully placed them onto my fabric-covered cardboard.

After I had all four glued on, I wanted to add a little something extra. I had ribbon that matched the fabric perfectly, so I tied four bows to add to the frame.

Once they were all about equal size, I glued them onto each of the cookie cutters.

Then, I popped the cardboard back into the frame and secured the back. Voila!

Home Improvement

Everything is coming together

This weekend was huge for the hubby and I getting things done around the house. The hubby mowed our lawn for the first time… until our mower broke. Then he borrowed our neighbors to finish up the front yard. We bought a new mower on Saturday. Our new mower has a Honda motor. How fancy! All in all, the yard took a little more than an hour to mow, which isn’t too bad for a half acre +.

What else did we do this weekend? Why, more painting, of course!

We were painting maniacs this weekend. My biggest accomplishment was getting our kitchen painted. I had never planned on painting our kitchen, but with the electrical work we had done it became a must. So, from boring beige to sanctuary green the walls went, and now our kitchen looks so much nicer!

This was definitely the trickiest room I’ve ever had to paint. I went all out and painted all the way down behind my oven and the entire nook surrounding my fridge. I had to paint so many nooks and crannies, but the worst by far were the spaces above our cabinets. My back still hurts just thinking about painting up there!

It’s not often that it pays to be short, but being 5’5″ worked in my favor when it came to painting above our cabinets. I still had to scrunch to one side to paint up there, but there was no way the hubby could have done it at his ginormous height of 6’2″. I even had to free hand some parts of the ceiling because I couldn’t physically get into the little spaces to tape. All of my hard work paid off because it looks amazing. Now that it is a beautiful, rich color, I can’t imagine not having my kitchen painted. Bye-bye, boring beige. Hello, beautiful green!

The hubby’s big accomplishment of the weekend was getting our family room painted. Saturday morning I repainted the ceiling one last time, then we started to tackle the walls. He finished up yesterday afternoon and now our room is finally starting to look like a room again! How exciting.
I made a fun discovery in our family room while we were painting. Turns out our stairs have a beautiful bit of molding to them that I’d never seen before. I painted the bottom half the same color as the family room, so now the molding pops. Look how charming they are (don’t pay too much attention to the dirt… the actual molding desperately needs to be painted white).
As if that wasn’t enough painting for one weekend, the hubby and I also tackled the bottom half of our dining room. I know this picture is far from fantastic, but you get the idea.
Now all we have left to paint is one teeny, tiny bathroom and the main room and hallway of the house! The end is definitely in sight. And that means I can start figuring out how I want to decorate! FINALLYYYYY!