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Congrats, Felix!

I have to admit that I wasn’t really aware that a man would be jumping from practically outer space back to Earth this past weekend, but holy cow was that amazing. Felix Baumgartner, you are one brave guy. No amount of fame, fortune, etc., etc., etc., could have gotten me to jump 24(ish) miles back down to good ol’ Earth. 

So, hats off to Mr. Baumgartner — that is one impressive feat and I think it’s safe to say that Earth as a whole is proud to have you back.

Watch an awesome video of his fall here.

If you’d like to have a free printable of Felix’s awesome quote, please feel free to download it!

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Guess who got a puppy!!??!!

OK, OK, it wasn’t us — but our neighbors did! (So jealous :p)

Meet Winnie.

Isn’t she so stinking cute? She is a Wheaton Terrier and our next-door neighbors brought her home about a week ago. She is the sweetest little thing.

Winnie and Remmy are already best buds. They look for each other at our shared fence line each morning.

It turns out that our neighborhood is quite the dog scene, and with Winnie around we are surrounded by pups on each side.


Remmy thinks it’s awesome, too. Here is a photo of him jumping for joy (or just because he’s crazy) because he has a new friend. I’m convinced that he’ll make it over the fence soon… lord help us all.

I’m still trying to convince the hubby that we should get a second dog — Rem needs a brother or sister — but if that doesn’t happen, at least we’ve got a new buddy next door.

Enjoy your weekend!