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Muppets Animal Print

We grew up listening to John Denver & the Muppets Christmas CD, so it is by far my favorite holiday music. If you are a follower of my blog, you know that I love to do graphic design. This Christmas I made my sister a print with Animal and a quote from one of our favorite songs, Little Saint Nick.

If you listen to the song you hear Animal screaming during the refrain, “RUN, RUN, REINDEER!”

With that in mind, here is the print I designed and framed for Em for Christmas.


I designed the Santa Animal in Illustrator, then brought it into InDesign and added the striped background and text.

Emily loved it and I totally want to print one for myself for next year! Super freakin’ cute.

Graphic Design

The Adventures of Remmy the Dog: Hot Air Balloon Ride

OK, this might be my favorite one yet. Next up in the Adventures of Remmy the Dog series… Remmy in a hot air balloon!

The Adventures of Remmy the Dog_Hot Air Balloon


If you missed any of his previous adventures:

I’m starting to think I should turn these into a picture book — what do you think!?

As always, I am open for suggestions and ideas for what Rem’s next adventure should be. I am thinking a trip to the moon might be in his future!

Graphic Design

The Adventures of Remmy the Dog: Underwater Dive

The polls are in and Remmy’s next adventure is an underwater dive! Gosh he is just the cutest, diver pup.

The Adventures of Remmy the Dog_Underwater Dive

Stay tuned for his next adventure: Hot Air Ballooning!