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Hot Pink Valentine’s Day Boa Tree

Valentines Day Boa Tree

Need an inexpensive, cute Valentine’s Day decoration for the upcoming holiday? Why not make a Valentine’s Day tree!?

OK, I know trees are usually just for Christmas, but just follow along with this one because the end result is pretty darn cute.


  • 1-2 boas from the dollar store
  • 1 cereal box
  • Hot glue
  • Tape
  • Embellishments (ribbon, chain, etc.)

Step 1: Cut your cereal box down to one panel.

Valentines Day tree - box

Step 2: Fold your cereal box panel into a cone shape and tape the heck out of it so it keeps the shape. This becomes the base for your tree. You can’t see the tape through the boa, so feel free to use however much you need.

Valentines Day tree - cone

Step 3: Trim the edge of the cone to be flat. You will have a lot of excess from the cereal box, so it is OK to cut a lot off. Cut it to the size that you would like your tree. I only had one boa, so I made a small tree. If you have additional boas, your tree can be taller.

Step 4: Starting at the top of your tree, hot glue your boa to the cardboard. Boas usually have small finger holes at each end that are made of rope. I put this little ring around the top of the tree and glued that on first.

Valentines Day tree - glue

Step 5: Start winding down the tree with hot glue and boa. When you get to the bottom, cut a small slit into the bottom of the cardboard base and place the other knotted finger loop in the slot. Hot glue it in place to secure the boa on the tree.

Valentines Day tree - boa

Step 6: I stuffed the base of my cone so it was a little sturdier. To do so, I spiraled hot glue in the cone and put two crumpled up paper towels in the cone.

Step 7: Embellish. I added a silver chain, black ribbon and a black bow to my tree.

Valentines Day tree - bow

Step 8: Display in your house for everyone to see. Mine’s on our mantel right now and I love it. It looks half tree, half little pink monster hiding behind our wedding photos.

Valentines Day tree - mantel

Come Christmas time next year, I want to make several of these trees using white boas. I’ll probably make them in varying heights. How pretty would that be?

Happy friday and have a great weekend! Got any good plans for the holiday weekend? It’ll be visiting with family and lots of football at our house.


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I love you because…

Check out the sweet gift I made for the hubby. It’s a little fru-fru, but, whatevs.

Here’s how to make your own:

  1. Find your perfect 8 x 10 frame. I searched two thrift stores for a pretty frame, but I couldn’t find anything I liked. I bought this silver frame from Michael’s.
  2. Find pretty paper for your frame. I found this light gold, textured paper in Michael’s scrapbooking section. I bought a 12 x 12 piece of paper and cut it down to fit in my printer.
  3. Design your “I love you because” graphic. I used InDesign, but you can certainly play around with the text in Microsoft Word until it appears as you like it.
  4. Print out your graphic, trim the paper down to 8 x 10, and slap it in your frame.
  5. Cover dry erase marker (unless you can find a pretty one) in ribbon using hot glue to secure it. Tie a bow if you’d like the added fru-fruness.
  6. Add a ribbon to the top of your frame to hang it from the wall. I knotted ribbon onto the picture hanger on the back of the frame. Then, I sewed a bow to the ribbon and embellished with a gold button to match the gold paper.
  7. Write your message!

Here’s how it looks hanging on the wall:

And there you have it — a quick and easy gift for the one you love!