Graphic Design

I {heart} You printable

Did you know you can search for “free _____ background” on Google images and download pre-created, fun backgrounds for your design projects? I’ve used this new tip a few times now, downloading a free brick background for the Occasional Symphony poster I designed and a gray chevron background for today’s printable. I’m sure you’ve seen the cute “I {heart} You” printables floating around Pinterest where the I, O and U are a different color from the rest of the alphabet… and the O is a heart (cause otherwise you’d be making a cute sign to tell someone you owe them something and that would be weird….). Well, it was too fun and too cute to not make a version of my own. So, with a free chevron pattern in my back pocket/ downloads folder, I set out to create my own.

For this printable, I used a heart that I created myself in Adobe Illustrator and the font Crystal Radio Kit. Isn’t it a fun, bubbly font? So cute.

I grabbed the gray chevron print from google and faded it down to about 30 percent so it wouldn’t completely overwhelm the letters. Then, I picked colors for my letters, and a fun pink for the three stand-out letters. To get everything into a square, I justified the text and played with the kerning between individual letters.

Download here: IheartU

Loveeeeee it. Need a copy of your own? Download it! Want to make one for yourself — do it! And then show me how cute it is 🙂