Home Improvement

Bathroom overhaul

I got sick of our third bathroom this weekend and decided to dismantle all of the ugly fixtures and update the ones I couldn’t quite remove yet.

It was super outdated, with lots of brass touches, chipping mirrors and cracking wood. No good.

So I just took it all out. I don’t even think I’m going to try and update any of it because the wood pieces themselves are ugly.

I’m honestly not sure when we’ll put it all back together, but I think it looks better with bare walls than it did with the old fixtures. Good bye, ┬ábrass!

Since I couldn’t remove the vanity quite yet, I removed the nasty, chipping brass handles and replaced them with brushed nickel handles that I pulled off of a cabinet I bought for my craft room. I still don’t love the vanity, but it definitely looks better with new(ish) hardware.

Ideally, I’d like to put something darker in its place. Here’s what I’m thinking.

So pretty. Add a new mirror and some brushed nickel fixtures and voila… it’ll be brand spanking new.