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Umbrella shower light fixture

My coworker Rachel gets married a month from today, and yesterday we threw her a surprise bridal shower at work. I was in charge of gifts. I also had to make an umbrella light to tie in with the shower theme. My other coworker found the idea on Pinterest and showed us at a secret shower planning meeting. Another coworker even had the busted umbrella.

I’m embarrassed to admit that even though I’ve been blogging for more than a year now and totally know how this whole before and after thing works, I TOTALLY forgot to take a picture of just the light. I was too excited about the surprising.

Anyway, to make your own umbrella light, you need an umbrella. And lights.


Carefully remove all of the fabric from your umbrella so it’s naked and rather dangerous-looking.


Spray paint the heck out of your umbrella. I went with white because my lights had a white cord.


Let your umbrella dry and touch up any spots that didn’t get adequate coverage. Be careful because those spokes can be dangerous!

Next, wrap your umbrella with lights however you please! You can see the light hanging from the ceiling in the upper right corner of the photo.


And again, in the middle of the photo.


I think it would look even cuter in a rustic sort of setting and not a stuff conference room.

Rachel loves chocolate, so we had a ton of chocolate goodies: Fondue, brownies, mousse…. we even had Dana (Little King’s Confections) make a chocolate cake with strawberry filling. How pretty?!


Rachel was DEFINITELY surprised — especially since she thought she was wayyyyy late for a staff meeting.


Rookie move not getting a picture of the light by itself, but here’s another photo of the light, the cake and the bride-to-be.

UmbrellaCongrats, Rachel! Glad we were able to totally surprise you 🙂

Craft Projects

Record Bowl Pendant Light

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

Another spring break project — a record bowl pendant light. I made record bowls last year and again last fall to sell at my trash to treasure craft fair. They are fun and easy to make, and they can be turned into awesome things even after you’re done! For example, a pendant light.

This project was fun for me because I got to learn how to unwire and rewire a light.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I have this light socket I saved from a hanging lantern I had in my room growing up. I think it is from IKEA, but if not I know they have similar light sockets.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I picked a particularly curvy record bowl for the light, but I needed to get the wire through the h0le in the record so I needed to unwire it.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I unscrewed everything and carefully detached the two wire ends from the screws holding them to the socket.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

With the wires free, I was able to feed them through the hole in the center of the record.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I reattached them back to the socket and added the plastic cap back on.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

It was that easy! I strung it up in the rafters of our basement to see how it would hang — not too bad 🙂

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

If you are a music lover or have a bar, these would be really cool for you to make.

(A Smith of All Trades) Record Pendant Light

I don’t think I’ll actually hang this in our house because it doesn’t quite go, but I might be making a lot more of these for my fair next year.

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10-Minute Heart Garland



  • Felt
  • Yarn
  • Scissors


To make your garland, first you need to measure your mantel or wherever else you’d like to hang your decoration. I used yarn for my garland, folding it in half so it was doubled up and a little bit thicker.

Cut your yarn and tie loops at each end.


Then, cut out hearts from red felt. Each heart needs two slits at the top for the yarn to pass through.


Start to weave one end of the yarn through the cutout slits of the heart until all of the hearts are threaded.


Then spread the hearts along the yarn until they will spread the width of the mantel. Then, you are done!

Heart Garland

Hang it on the mantel some Valentine’s Day cheer made in less than 10 minutes!

Heart Garland