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Glitter Pinecones

Wow, what a weekend! Craft night on Friday, two holiday parties on Saturday and a football party on Sunday.

I made the most adorable football cookies for our sad loss (better luck next time, boys!). At least the cookies were delicious.


Onwards to the craft! Need a quick and easy holiday decoration that is sure to make your house sparkle and smell delicious? Why not glitter some cinnamon-scented pinecones?

That was one of our crafts for Craft Night and it was super fun and messy!

We used Mod Podge and a paint brush to paint the tips of the pinecones.


Then we poured, rolled, dusted, etc., glitter onto the edges. Once the glue and glitter dried, I sprayed mine with Mod Podge sealer so the glitter would go crazy everywhere.

And then I popped them into my centerpiece bowl full of cinnamon pinecones. Yummo 🙂


I only glittered four pinecones, and I think it was the perfect pop of aqua in my centerpiece. I’m usually all about green, red, gold and silver for the holidays, but I think the blue looks lovely.


Holy glitter!


Happy Monday!

Craft Projects

Halloween Wreath

Dana asked me to make her a Halloween wreath so she can spookify her house. I told her that she should totally make one herself because they are easy and fun! She said she’d rather bake. I said I’d rather make wreaths than bake — guess that’s why we are best friends!

Dana picked up supplies for her wreath and dropped them off at my house, so I quickly got to creating a spooky masterpiece.

I used a wire wreath form and lots of spooky garland.

To start the wreath, I tucked one end of the garland into the wire wreath form. I dabbed some hot glue to keep it secure, then proceeded to wrap the garland around the outer edges of the wreath. Once the garland was all of the way around, I secure the end with hot glue and tucked it into the wire form.

Note: If you use hot glue on this sort of plastic garland, it smells like skunk. Oh so pleasant.

With the wreath part complete, I started to add the fun, spooky additions Dana gave me: Spider rings, glitter spiders, and  a glitter skull. I added all of these to the wreath with, yep, hot glue.

Totally spooky cute 🙂

Have you made any fun Halloween decorations this year?